The Debonairs Pizza Series for June is now finished and over the course of the four weeks, we hosted almost 20 tournaments across multiple titles.

There was around R10,000 in cash and R5,000 in vouchers handed out over the month, with well over 1,800 competitors competing in the cups and match-finders. It made for a busy and engaging month, and we promise more of the same (and a few new things) in July.

The following were the winners in June, walking away with R500 cash or the randomly drawn R100 voucher:

  1. Black Ops 4 2v2: Bravado Gaming [First] | Dyer [Voucher]
  2. Fortnite 2v2: OG TROG [First] | ImraanRabona [Voucher]
  3. Street Fighter VJabhiM [First] | PhireBlazor420 [Voucher]
  4. FIFA 19 PS4: MOBiZILLA [First] | craiguniverse08 [Voucher]
  5. FIFA 19 XB1: Masoom [First] | Aqeelo [Voucher]
  6. Fortnite 1v1: Syco FN [First] | TTV_SOFI- [Voucher]
  7. PaladinsCrazyOrphan88 [First] | Priest [Voucher]
  8. Black Ops 4 5v5: Bravado Gaming [First] | SHAHZAADA [Voucher]
  9. Apex LegendsODiN trinity [First] | OL JoHaN JaNi G [Voucher]
  10. Black Ops 4 2v2: White Rabbit COD [First] | Swiftsy_za [Voucher]
  11. Rocket League 3v3: WSG || Sirius [First] | Hamzaakoob [Voucher]
  12. League of Legends 1v1: LazyLima [First] | PenguinPower [Voucher]
  13. Fortnite 2v2: Jakinho/Niloo :) [First] | MisterKeanu [Voucher]
  14. FIFA 19 XB1: Darth Mayhem [First] | QuadYG [Voucher]
  15. Clash RoyaleJDs [First] | AlphaWolf_10 [Voucher]
  16. Rainbow Six Siege PS4: Elite Gaming - R6 [First] | Proploos [Voucher]
  17. Rainbow Six Siege XB1: Team Dreamhack [First] | KillSwitch99910 [Voucher]

July will again bring winner-takes-all-one-night cups and the daily match-finders to compete in. Compete in five matches a week in the match-finders and you will stand in line to win a Debonairs Pizza voucher. You can find all the upcoming cups and match-finders in the Debonairs Pizza Series here.

The Debonairs Pizza series would not be possible without DEBONAIRS PIZZA SOUTH AFRICA. Follow them here: Twitter | Facebook 

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at



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