The Debonairs Pizza Cup is ready to kick off, as four of South Africas finest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 teams get ready to compete for their share of R10 000 in prizes this Sunday! The teams are not the only ones that stand a chance to walk home with some pizza and cash. By voting on who you think will win, you stand a chance to win over R2500 is prizes. If you are still not sure who to vote for, don't worry we have you covered, as we caught up with the commentators and teams to get their thoughts going into Grand Finale.  

The Teams 



  • Tournament Record:  3 Wins, 0 Losses 
  • Next Opponent: White Rabbit Gaming 
  • Biggest Rival: Energy Esports
  • Best Mode: Control 
  • Favorite Debonairs Pizza: Margarita / Tikka Chicken



  • Tournament Record:  3 Wins, 0 Losses 
  • Next Opponent: Bravado Gaming
  • Biggest Rival: Bravado Gaming
  • Best Mode: Hardpoint
  • Favorite Debonairs Pizza: Something Meaty 



  • Tournament Record:  3 Wins, 1 Loss 
  • Next Opponent: Krypto Gaming
  • Biggest Rival: Bravado Gaming
  • Best Mode: Hardpoint
  • Favorite Debonairs Pizza: Mexican Fiesta (Miki) 



  • Tournament Record:  3 Wins, 1 Loss 
  • Next Opponent: Energy Esports
  • Biggest Rival: Energy Esports
  • Best Mode: All
  • Favorite Debonairs Pizza: Club Pizza 


Debonairs Pizza Cup Schedule 

All the matches and the prize draw will be a live stream on the ACGL YouTube channel

Commentary team:

  • Nick 'Holden ZA' Holden 
  • Chantelle 'Chani ZA' Alexander
  • Dalre 'Dellas' Vermaak 


Casters Corner 

We caught up with the casters for this weekends Finale to chat about some of their thoughts going into the matches. 

Chani ZA

Players to watch:

There are so many talented players I have to point out one from each team for viewers to keep their eyes on. Kohvz from BVD, Waffle from eN, Fearless from WRG and Lau from Krypto. 

Underdog of the tournament:

Of the teams, Krypto is the “newest” to the scene. They’ve been around before and performed well, but that was with an entirely different roster. I’m really hoping they can bring the heat this weekend and upset some of the CODZA status quo. 

Favourite to win:

Honestly, any one of these teams can show up on the day. They have the talent, but it is going to come down to who is most prepared. BVD’s respawn has been deathly recently (HP on Hacienda saw Kohvz 4 kills off of a 50 bomb and 3 of his teammates get 30 bombs on the same map). Krypto has been performing well in scrims. Energy recently faced off against BVD in a grand final and should know what to work on should they face them again. And finally, WRG has a ton to work with from both talent and experience perspectives. They’re a balanced team of “young gunners” and “veterans”. Recently watched Lil_Fearless perform on LAN and the man was frying.

BVD vs WRG Prediction: 

Unless WRG can shut down BVD’s respawn slaying power, 3-2 to BVD. 

Krypto vs EN Prediction:

In the past few weeks I had a chat to Heroz ahead of some of their other games and his comment was that they hadn’t really been practising, which showed in their recent 0-3 loss, so I’m hoping they’ve put some time back in the saddle and worked on some of their strats going into this game, but if not, Krypto could take a 3-1 W. 

Final Thought:

It’s another weekend that I get to cast, and it’s also another opportunity for some of the best in CODZA to prove their skills in online COD. There has been an increase in streams (both casts and POVs) so there is SO much footage online for players to learn from, I’m hoping we get to see some sick counter strating in the SND and Control rounds. 

Favourite Debonairs menu item: 

Their vegetarian pizza is bae, but have you had their doughnuts though? Yum. 

Die Dellas 

Players to watch:

Heroz & Hypz

Underdog of the Top 4:

100% Krypto 

Favourite to win:

Bravado if you look at the votes but I think any team in the top four has a chance. 

BVD vs WRG Predicition:

3-2 Bravado Gaming 

eN vs Krypto Prediction:

3-1 Energy Esports 

Final Thoughts:
What better way to spend your Sunday than to be sitting back eating your Debonairs Pizza and watch the best South African COD has to offer. CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY!!!!

Holden ZA 

Players to watch:

I'm looking forward to seeing what Krypto Gaming has to offer this Sunday. I'll be keeping my eye on the good ol ErosBruv (ex lanimal) to see if he can still hang with the best. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Nato and Cerberus perform for WRG. Clearly, I'm looking at how the old faces manage to stack up against the new, but I'm excited to see how far the CODZA comp scene has progressed. 

Underdog of the Top 4:

For me it's WRG. I know that it might sound odd, considering they are in the winner's bracket final. I have seen the team have resounding success in the past and utter disappointment. Their line up is pretty decent on paper but I feel like they have a mountain to climb against BVD in the first game. Everyone seems to think they are going to get knocked straight to the losers bracket, but they have some massive potential to cause an upset. 

Favourite to Win:

It has to be Bravado Gaming. They are still in the winner's bracket and have been formidable throughout the season. Their roster is ridiculously good and has a vast amount of experience. The other three teams are going to have to bring their A-game should they want to keep these lads off the podium. 

BVD vs WRG Prediction:

3-1 to Bravado Gaming. 

En vs Krypto Prediction:

3-2 to EN . This one really can go either way. I feel EN are not firing on all cylinders at the moment. The team has been inconsistent but I feel has the potential to walk over any of the teams when they are all on the same page. 

Do you agree or disagree with our commentators? Who do you think will take the title? 

Vote Here or let us know by commenting below! 

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