The ACGL Family is heading to the Vodacom rAge Expo 2019! During each day of the event, we will be hosting a series of King of The Hill tournaments for Mortal Kombat 11, Fortnite and PES eFootball 2020 respectively. The winner of each tournament will walk home with an ASTRO A40 headset, courtesy of ASTRO Gaming. It doesn't end there as there is also a social giveaway which will be running over all three days which will earn the winner their very own ASTRO A40 headset. Be sure to check out all the details below! 

Fighting Friday - Mortal Kombat 11

  • Date: 27 September
  • Prize: Astro A40 Headset  

Join the fight to be the last kompetitor left standing. Jump onto one of the consoles and stay seated to earn your place amongst the last fighters that remain. If you get knocked off, get back in line to try again! Once the deadline time is reached, we will take all remaining fighters and test their might against one another to determine the winner. 

Super Saturday - Fortnite Kill Race 

  •  Date: 28 September 
  • Prize: ASTRO A40 Headset  

Do you have what it takes to set the high score? We're looking for the player that can top the leaderboard in a solo match. You will earn 1 point per elimination and 3 additional points for a victory royale. 

Soccer Sunday - PES eFootball 

  • Date: 29 September
  • Prize: ASTRO A40 Headset  

The time to take to the digital football pitch gas come! The winner will stay seated, should you be knocked out, get back in line to try again. The last four players left in their chairs will qualify for the Soccer Sunday Semi-Finals! Do you have what it takes to be the best eFootball player at the Vodacom rAge Expo? 

Let's get social! 

Prize: ASTRO A40 Headset 

Head over to the ACGL Banner, snap a photo with an ASTRO A40 box in your hands. Upload your photo to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #ASTROFTW in order to stand a chance at winning, it's that simple. 

Thank you! 

A big thank you is in order. Firstly to MWEB for connecting us for the weekend and ensuring that we could offer you all the opportunity to play. Redragon for keeping all the players seated comfortably throughout the event. ASTRO Gaming for providing the prizes and headsets over the three days. Last, but definitely not least, PlayStation South Africa for providing the consoles and ensuring we can keep you all gaming! 

We can't wait to see you at the Vodacom rAge Expo. Be sure to get your tickets now, before they sell out! 

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at

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