Canal Walk Shopping Centre and BT Games recently brought their annual gaming expo to life on 23 October, with the event running until 28 October. Over the six days, attendees had free access to a variety of new and still to be released games, as well as a number of tournaments with a variety of prizes.

We were honored to again be asked to operate the FIFA tournament at the expo. The tournament featured a R15,000 prize pool sponsored by Red Bull, while PlayStation South Africa supplied the consoles needed, along with the consoles and games up for grabs. 

This year we were also asked to bring a little competitive Fortnite action to life. Thanks to MWEB and their partners, the much needed internet for the Fortnite was secured, while Apex Interactive supplied the prizes and Xbox South Africa ensured we had 20 consoles set up and ready to go. We were once again granted access to a custom lobby key to host matches on the tournament days.

The Numbers

Over the course of the six days, Fortnite proved (unsurprisingly) popular after a quiet start on day one. During the tournament period of Friday, Saturday and Sunday approximately 900 players participated, while another estimated 600 played over the freeplay days.

The FIFA 19 tournament saw a total of 436 players compete over eight heats to secure one of the 64 spots available in Sunday's grand finals. It took over 560 matches to determine the winner of the FIFA 19 tournament.

The Results

Football Tournament

  • 1st Place: Darren A [R15 000 cash and 3x PS4 games]
  • 2nd Place: Mubeen G [1TB PS4 Pro console and 3x PS4 games]
  • 3rd Place: Julio Bianchi [1TB PS4 console and 2x PS4 games]

You can find the tournament bracket for the gand final here.



  • 1st Place: Hishaaam Shabodien [PDP prismatic controller]
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Gaskin [PDP controller] 
  • 3rd Place:  Joshua Gaskin [Gioteck xh100 headset]


  • 1st Place: Zubayr Abdullatief [PDP prismatic controller]
  • 2nd Place: Seth Alexander [PDP controller]
  • 3rd Place: Chad Alexander [Gioteck xh100 headset]


  • 1st Place:  Sidan Mohamed [Razer Thresher Tournamnet edition]
  • 2nd Place: Daniel Lawrence [Turtle Beach Recon headset]
  • 3rd Place: Wasim Hassanally [Razer Electra headset]

Congratulations to all the winners and a thanks to everyone that participated in or supported the tournaments. And a very special thanks to the crew who worked around 13 hours a day for six days to bring the activations to life.

You will be able to catch all our photos from the event via our Facebook page soon. Photos by Rebel Monkey.

Should you have any questions, comment or queries please be sure to let us know by commenting below or contacting us via one of our platforms below: 


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