The engines have cooled down and the checkered flag has been packed away at the BMW M Festival Series for Asphalt 9 has come to an end. After three gruelling weeks of qualifiers, the top 32 racers gathered to take to the digital racetrack to determine who would win the lion share of R25,000 in cash prizes. 

The Group Stages - Phase one 

The group stages placed the players in their various pools which were comprised of six players per. The target for the players in the first phase was to place in the top-three of their group. Here's how it worked: 

  • Points were assigned based on pool size and final placement in their respective three races. 
  • For example: If a pool consists of 6 players, the first player at the end of a race would earn 6 points, second 5points, third 4 points, etc. 
  • The points were only used in the individual pools and not compared to other groups. 

If players were tied on points, the player with the fastest lap time between the two players would progress to the next round. 

Qualified players from phase one: 

Pool 1: 

  1. Blindy
  2. Samchog 
  3. Lithium 

Pool 2: 

  1. GhostSniper_G2
  2. Kazatushi 
  3. Abdul Risaal  

Pool 3: 

  1. Raptor R
  2. Martin98 
  3. Tuohy  

Pool 4:

  1. Nightsurfr
  2. LushCylinder 
  3. x5avageRe4perx 

Pool 5: 

  1. oebeidoellah dante 
  2. renze9
  3. BlackWidow

The Group Stages - Phase two 

The second group stages saw the players seeded into three smaller groups of five players. The point format was used to determine the top two players (six total) from each group after three races were completed, who would progress to the Grand Final. The seventh player would be awarded the wildcard slot and would be granted to a non-qualifying player with the fastest lap time. 

Results of the pools were as follows: 

Pool 1: 

  1. Srenze9
  2. Blindy
  3. Kazatushi
  4. Martin98
  5. x5avageRe4perx

Pool 2: 

  1. GhostSniper_G2
  2. samchog
  3. Nightsurfr
  4. Tuohy
  5. BlackWidow

Pool 3: 

  1. Raptor R
  2. LushCylinder
  3. Lithium
  4. mitshu
  5. Abdul Risaal* 

Abdul Risaal qualifies as wildcard fastest lap. 

The Finals - Elimination

We had reached the Finals with our final seven competitors, which each guaranteed themselves a share of the R25 000 prize pool. 

The finalists would now compete against one another, where the last finishing player of each race would be eliminated from the competition. After the sixth race was completed we had our winner and the results are as follows: 

  • 1st: Blindy - R10,000
  • 2nd: renze9 - R7,000
  • 3rd: GhostSniper_G2 - R3,000
  • 4th: Abdul Risaal - R2,000
  • 5th: LushCylinder R1,500
  • 6th: Raptor R R1,000
  • 7th: samchog R500

That brings a close to the BMW M Festival Series for Asphalt 9. We would like to thank all the participants, sponsors and partners involved in the project. Be sure to stay connected to ACGL for the future tournament as we continue to provide you with the easiest way to connect to esports tournaments locally. 

The BMW M Festival Asphalt Series is brought to you by the sponsors BMW South Africa and their partners Shell South Africa.

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at


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