We can now reveal August's Top 5 video sponsored by AVerMedia and Sonic Informed. We again received an avalanche of clips across a wide variety of titles, making the selection process a tough one. After plenty of angry door slams and threats to quit, the panel managed to come to an agreement and a winning clip for the month.

So without further ado and fanfare, enjoy August's video run and applaud the winner who secured themselves an AVerMedia AM310 USB Microphone.

A huge congratulations to JKoen who showed versatility and adaptability in his Destiny 2 clip to secure the number one spot in August's Top 5.

We are now accepting clips for September's video. All titles and platforms are accepted, and we encourage everyone to submit something they are proud of, no matter the game. All clips are visible to our site visitors, and we would love to see local content creators supported across all genres and platforms. 

You can submit your (YouTube) clip by selecting 'Submit Clip' on the Clips page. Link to the YouTube URL and remember to select 'Submit To Top 5 Plays' to ensure we know you want to be considered for the month.

Please note the following when submitting for the Top 5 Plays of the Month:

  • Clips are not allowed to be longer than one minute.
  • Clips may not be edited. A montage does not qualify for the Top 5, but you can still submit it for others to view on the Clips page.

We are pleased to announce that local distributor Sonic Informed will now showcase one of their other brands for the next few months, so the winner in September will bag themselves a Deepcool Castle 280 RGB Liquid Cooler.  

The next Top 5 video is scheduled to go live on the first Friday of October. Make sure that you get you clips in early to get the community to engage with your submission.

The top five clips for the video were determined by members of the ACGL admin team. Each team member submitted a list of five clips ranked from first to fifth. The lists were correlated to determine the overall standings.

Deepcool Castle 280RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

The Deepcool Castle 280 RGB CPU Liquid Cooler features a built-in double window pane and 16.7M true colour lighting system provide a perfect display of aesthetic illumination. Its ultra-large, pure copper CPU block and its optimized E-shaped micro water channel designed to enlarge heat contact areas and effectively enhance heat circulation efficiency meet users' needs for high performance and aesthetics.

The Deepcool Castle 280RGB CPU Liquid Cooler retails for R2,174 and is currently available at RARU and other retailers.  


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