Announcing Embers and More Ways to Win

We revealed the introduction of our ‘Embers’ reward system when we announced the 2021 site. Today, we’re pleased to detail the system for you, which went live on Monday.

The Embers reward system is designed to give back to you, as you play and support us on the site. The more you participate in activities and matches, the more you will earn. And you will be able to use your Embers for a variety of things on the site.

We have a giveaway page, which you can use your Embers on. The more you have, the more you can spend on entries. The giveaways won’t be the only thing available to use your Embers on. In the coming weeks, you will be able to use them to purchase unique Avatar Kits for your profile, discounts on our soon to be revealed (spoiler) shop, and more.


We already have February’s giveaways open, and you may enter as often as you like for any of the items up for grabs. Click on the product(s) you’re keen to win and you will be taken to a product page where you can use your Embers to secure entries.

It should be noted that Ember entry cost may vary per item, but the rewards come thick and fast if you keep competing, submitting and engaging on the site.

February’s products include products from our friends at Apex Interactive, as well as an ACGL hoodie. We do however suggest that you keep checking in, or watching our social media, as additional items may be added per month.

So get earning and get entered to stand in line for more opportunities to win on ACGL.


Embers will be awarded per match played in any of our cups or matchfinders, across any title. You can earn additional Embers for completing ‘Missions’. Your Mission progress is listed on your profile, and is target-based. Complete ten tournaments, post video clips, and a whole lot more, and you will secure additional Embers.

Basically, the more you participate on ACGL, the more you will earn, giving you more opportunities to be rewarded for supporting us.

Please note that Embers carry no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for cash, or cashed out. Each year, the Embers associated to your user profile will be reset.

If you haven’t done so yet, sign up and create your profile. It’s free and takes you around a minute to do. Once a registered ACGL user, jump in and get competing. Please remember to download our new app, which is available across all platforms.