We are pleased to announce a partnership with ASTRO Gaming which will bring you more cash tournaments over the coming months.

From October to December, there will be R25,000 in cash up for grabs across a variety of titles. The action over the three months will take in Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, fighting titles and Halo Infinite once released.

The Rocket League cups will be hosted over two weekends. The first weekend will whittle the teams down to the final three, with the second weekend featuring the final matches live on stream.


Cash prize pools per cup listed.

  • 24+31 October: Rocket League | R2,000
  • 24 October: Mortal Kombat 11 | R1,000
  • 30 October: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R2,000 each
  • 13 November: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R1,000 each
  • 21+28 November: Rocket League | R2,000
  • 21 November: Street Fighter V | R1,000
  • 27 November: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R1,000 each
  • 11 December: Rainbow Six Siege | PC + PS | R2,000 each
  • 12+19 December: Rocket League | R2,000
  • 12 December: Tekken 7 | R1,000
  • 12 December: Halo Infinite | R2,000
  • 19 December: Halo Infinite | R2,000

Registrations are now open and free to everyone via the ASTRO Gaming event page.


ACGL has had a long a memorable partnership with ASTRO Gaming over the years. In 2016 we hosted (albeit as Clan Connection and Zombiegamer) the ASTRO Gaming Cup for Black Ops 3. This was followed by the unforgettable Call Of Duty World League affiliated MAG Cup later in the year. Since then, we have partnered at various events over the years to bring attendees direct access to the headsets.

With this latest announcement, we look forward to bringing you more action in 2022!

For more information about the #AGCZA tournaments powered by ASTRO Gaming, including dates and rules, or the registration page, please visit acgl.co.za/astro.

Remember that for every match completed via the ACGL site, players will be rewarded with Embers. These Embers can be used to enter Mythic loot random giveaways. The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning.

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