For the last two (and a bit) years, we have been bringing you our monthly Top 5 videos. The video has always been our way of celebratiing the local gaming community and would see us filtering through the submitted clips to feature the best of the month.

Today we are happy to announce that the ACGL Top 5 plays have evolved.  The ACGL Top 5 is now powered by AVerMedia and Sonic Informed and that means there are some great prizes up for grabs, as well as some new criteria implemented to ensure you are in the running every month. 

You can submit your gameplay clips - for any title on any platform - by selecting 'Submit Clip' on the Clips page. Link to the YouTube URL and remember to select 'Submit To Top 5 Plays' to ensure we know you want to be considered for the month.

The new criteria that will be implemented to ensure you qualify for the Top 5 Plays of the Month are:

  • Clips must gain 3 likes on the ACGL Clips page. Visitors who are logged in can simply click the heart to show their love for a submitted clip.
  • Clips are not allowed to be longer than one minute.
  • Clips may not be edited. A montage does not qualify for the Top 5, but you can still submit it for others to view on the Clips page.

The Top 5 video (powered by AVerMedia and Sonic Informed) is scheduled to go live on the first Friday of each month, with the first releasing on 2 August 2019. Make sure that you get you clips in early to get the community to engage with your submission. Up for grabs is an AVerMedia GC513 Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus capture device which will go to the number one video submitted in July.

We also have a flashy new opening sequence which we really like and we hope you do too:

AVerMedia LGP 2 Plus

The AVerMedia LGP 2 Plus is a plug-and-play device that supports Ultra HD 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. It features a Micro SD Card slot for PC-free recording, and support for console party chat and audio in commentary.

The feature-packed capture card retails for R2,999 and is available at Computer Mania and other selected retailers.

Match Chat

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