The second season of ACGL tournaments came to an end at Electronics & Gaming Expo (EGE), around two weeks ago. We now look forward to Season 3 which is changing up the formula and refining the overall ACGL experience. 

Season 3 (August - 31 October) 

In Season 3, we have some exciting new additions which will see the community pages rebuffed and the number of competitive opportunities increased. We are additionally happy to announce that there will be more regular cash tournaments available on the platform. 

Events, Tournaments & Leagues 

This season we will introduce new ways in which the players can look forward to competing, being rewarded and showcased on the ACGL platform.

Showcase Events 

For Season 3, we currently have three showcase events that players can look forward to. More events may be added to the season as we progress, but for right now here are your ACGL events for Season 3: 

  • Injustice 2 Legendary Series (Online) - September to October

The Injustice 2 Legendary Series has been created in celebration of the Legendary edition of the game. The Series will consist of four tournaments which will culminate in a streamed live broadcast League.

There is over R12,500 in cash up for grabs, so be sure to prepare your best fighter as registrations open later this week.   

Full Details to be revealed later this week.  

  • MWEB Monthly Challenge (Online) - September to October

Each month MWEB and ACGL will reveal cash tournaments for select titles on the ACGL platform.

These tournaments will take place on one night and players will be able to enter for free on a first-come-first-serve basis for cash prize pools. 

Full Details to be revealed later this week.   

  • AfrEsports (Grand West) - 1 to 2 September

Taking place at the Sun Arena at GrandWest, the AfrEsports event will play host to a variety of competitive gaming tournaments. 

More details out later today and over the course of the week.

Community Events 

  • African Rumble League (Rocket League) - October 

There is a brand new way that players can take to their favourite game, Rocket League. This exciting tournament will make use of the World Cup format to deliver an event unlike any other. 

More details out soon.

Rainbow Six Siege League

The title says it all, we are working on giving Rainbow Six Siege teams something they can look forward to. We are going to be tying in the league with the announcement of the official Rainbow Six Siege year three season update.

More details out soon.

ACGL Proving Grounds 

During Season 3 we will be releasing our Proving Grounds Ladders for newly released titles as a way to gauge community interest in select games.

The Proving Ground Ladders will open at select times during the day and give players an opportunity to scrim against opposition teams anonymously. 

The Proving Ground Ladders will have a result-based ranking system and is a great way for teams to find scrims and matches that best suit their respective play schedules.

Community Hubs Refreshed 


Community Pages have acted as the hub for purely ACGL related information in the past, but we are expanding on that by giving a wider variety of news and information that pertains to the local players and gamers in the Southern African Community.

The first change is simple, but one which we are using to give our gaming communities more ways to get all their information. 

News Feed

The news feed will no longer consist of only ACGL news.

There are a total of 5 news items that will be listed on each games community page. It will consist of news relating to the game (patch notes, game changes, guides and more).

Additionally, the page will feature local content (interviews and result summaries) from the game you love. 

Tournaments - easier to access via community pages

  • New Look: While the tournament pages have been rooted to the community pages for quite some time, they will now be listed directly under the news title for each of the respective gaming community hubs. 
  • Leaderboards, Play and Free Agents: The Play, Leaderboards and Free Agents tabs have been given a refreshed look.

Return of CC Tournaments

We are happy to announce that we are bringing Connection Credit (CC) tournaments - which allow players to win cash prizes - back. The tournaments will be first available to our Fortnite community. 

You can purchase Connection Credits via the ACGL Shop in various bundle options.

Ranks and Changelog


You may have noticed that player profiles no longer display ranks as they did in Season 2. No need to worry, we are making some changes that we will hopefully be able to announce this month.

We want these to display even better on your profile, so you can show off what you have managed to accomplish, so let’s just say we are aiming to ‘achieve’ that deadline in the very near future. 


The ACGL website is always changing and evolving thanks to your feedback. We now have a listed changelog which keeps you up to date with all the changes that have been made on the website. 

View the changelog: 

Website Load testing 

Over the past two weeks, you may have noticed that we have been experiencing some downtime on our website. As our community continues to expand, we have experienced some growing pains which are the result of an increased demand placed on our platform. 

We have been tirelessly working behind the scenes to resolve these issues and we believe we are on the right track thanks to our server provider Pique who has been diligent in helping us every step of the way.

While these are not bad problems to have, we do want to ensure that you have the best experience possible on the website. We need your help in that regard, by sending us feedback. You can do so by commenting on this article below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.

We're in this together. Let's keep growing the local Southern African Gaming Community. 

ACGL - Authentic African Esports  




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