We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Ergotherapy and their Ergo-G Gaming Chair.

Over the next three months, we will have a number of opportunities for you to win cash, Embers and the orthopaedically approved ergonomic gaming chair from Ergotherapy.

The action starts this month with the largest streamer event ever hosted in South Africa.

ACGL Rivals will see 100 streamers compete over two weeks in Fall Guys, with the final streamer standing securing R10,000 cash and a customised Ergo-G Gaming Chair valued at approximately R10,000!

All South African streamers may apply for ACGL Rivals with the final list of streamers being announced after a vetting period. Streamers who apply must please be aware of the requirements in the application document.


ACGL Rivals will run over the following key dates:

  • 7 October: Applications open
  • 15 October: Applications close
  • 18 October: Streamers announced and contacted
  • 22 October: Week 1
  • 29 October: Week 2


  • Successful streamers will compete in custom lobbies for Fall Guys on PC or PlayStation.
  • Week 1 will split streamers into two groups of 50 players.
  • Three games will be played.
  • Points will be allocated based on placings per game.
  • The top 25 from each group will progress to Week 2.
  • Week 2 competitors will battle in an elimination format. 
  • The elimination format will host 5 games. With 10 players dropping out per game.
  • The final lobby will host 10 players where only one will win R10,000 and a custom Ergo-G Gaming Chair.

You can find out more via the ACGL Rivals landing page. To follow or talk about ACGL Rivals powered by Ergotherapy, please use the campaign hashtag: #ACGLrivals.



The Ergo-G Gaming Chair by Ergotherapy is designed by physios to reduce back pain. It also offers customisation to each user. You can choose you preferred chair colour and have a personalised logo added to the headrest and outer back. The Ergo-G Gaming Chair is available to purchase here.


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