MissLadyJay – better known as Jessica Maij to her family and friends – is no stranger to the local gaming scene. Well, she shouldn’t be as she has been involved for quite some time, having participated in Call of Duty tournaments and other events a good few years back already.

More recently, her focus has shifted to streaming and Gwent. Over the last year, Jessica became a Twitch Partner and made it into the top 16 (internationally) in the Gwent Pro Ladder.

We decided to find out more directly from Jessica about her streamer and Gwent career.

When did you start streaming and why did you decide streaming was for you?

I started streaming in January 2018. I had been playing Gwent for a couple of months by then and I watched most of the Gwent streamers to learn from them and it looked really fun to play and also interact with other people while streaming and that’s when I decided to start streaming.

How often do you stream content?

I used to stream about 3-4 days a week but I am now changing my schedule to be 5-6 days a week. It was a very slow start in the first 6-7 months. Until I got invited by CD Projekt Red to do a content creator’s tournament which had to be streamed. I also changed my schedule to the afternoons instead of the evenings which helped push my numbers up. A really good friend of mine in the Gwent community, Crozyr, helped me and I helped him, to push for Twitch Partner for the both of us which we both got.

What made you decide to focus on Gwent?

I saw the mini game in The Witcher and I loved the Witcher 3 and always thought it’d be so cool if they had their own standalone card game and so that’s what they did. I gave it a shot and i got hooked on it. I then got help from others, practiced a lot, and got helpful tips and strategies from other streamers and players and guides.

Tell us about your successes with Gwent over the last year.

I was, as I said before, invited to a Content Creator’s tournament hosted by the developers, CD Projekt Red, where they chose 8 content creators across the world to compete in this invitational tournament. I also have competed in two of their official qualifiers for their major tournaments. One for Challenger and one for Open.

What do you hope to achieve in the future – both as a player and streamer?

I really just want to compete in as many tournaments as possible, and of course the biggest goal is to qualify for either Open or Challenger to play in Poland. As for streaming, since I already achieved the biggest goal for it - being a Partner - I just want to improve on my stream quality.

Outside of gaming what do you enjoy doing with your time?

I like spending time with my dog and family. I watch series and movies at time to time. And then there’s also my drawings and sketching that I like to do.

Our thanks to Jessica for taking the time to answer our questions, and to Matthew Keil Photography for the great photo for the feature. We will be making this series a regular one, with focus on top players, teams and streamers on the agenda.

You can find MissLadyJay here:

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