Welcome to ACGL 2021 and beyond. As has been almost now customary, the start of a year marks some changes to the site. If you are a returning visitor, you should have noticed already that things have been moved around, and that there has been a splash of visual updates done.

Alongside some of the more obvious visual features, a number of quality of life updates have been made. The good news is that we also plan to keep updating elements and adding more features as the year continues. Your feedback will help us improve the site for you, so please feel free to let us know what you would like to see improved or added on the site.


One of the biggest changes in 2021, focuses on our App. The version which won the best Gaming Solution in the 2018 MTN App of the Year will no longer be supported from the 1st of March 2021. It will no longer be available via the Android and iOS Stores.

Our new app is now available via all platforms by downloading the app directly via the site. You can use all the new app across all mobile devices, Windows and Mac. Receive push notifications about all ACGL-related activities no matter what platform you are on.

If you still have the previous app on your mobile device, please delete it and download the new app as soon as possible.


The 2021 ACGL identity lives on both the website and social media images. This has also meant changes to the site layout and the way information is displayed to users.

The main navigation bar has been moved, and is presented as a sidebar on the left of the site. It houses the current events available to compete in, and your most played titles, allowing for faster navigation to your preferred places.

The messaging and chat system, along with activity notifications have been moved to a new sidebar, and ensures your upcoming ‘Mission’ completion is trackable.

On the homepage, a short news feed is displayed, along with upcoming tournaments and gameplay clips submitted (so don’t forget to submit yours…).

Overall, the layout and feel has been tweaked on all the pages across the site.


We have added a new ‘Embers’ reward system. You will be awarded Embers for a variety of activities on the site, including completing matches, Missions and more. The Embers will be used to enter giveaways, purchase special Avatar Kits and more.

These will only go fully live in the coming weeks, but you can see some of the Missions on the site already. Further details on this will be announced over the next few weeks.

A new list reflects the history of your team and individual matches and tournaments competed in under your profile.

A new guide and support page has been added to assist with some of your most frequently asked questions.


The games listed on your ACGL profile now show the progress to your next rank. We have also adjusted the Elo requirement for Gold to 1550 from the 1600 used in 2020.

An updated Battle Royale Elo reward system is in beta right now to keep the ratios more in line with the other formats on the site.

The tournament participant’s list now lists the Elo of participant’s before a tournament starts to ensure players have a better idea of their seeding before a tournament starts.

A number of season Elo ranking resets have been implemented due to season close and the upcoming new season. Titles unaffected by the Elo reset are Apex Legends, Fortnite and Cold War. Those who completed Grandmaster rank in a previous season will be rewarded with an Award on their profile.


We have fixed a glitch that listed a team’s roster as ‘Unconfirmed’ if the roster was changed after completing check-in.

The Waiting List system has been update for tournaments with entry limits. Players from the Waiting List that check-in will be awarded places in the bracket on a first-check-in-first served basis once check-in has closed and spots are left.

The Battle Royale tournament system has been improved. You may not notice it yourselves, but behind-the-scenes admin reporting and scoring will still have some benefits to you.

If navigating our ruleset seemed a little laborious in the past, the addition of a ‘jump-to’ list will make navigation a little easier.


We have added a new ‘Sub-Team’ option for team’s and organisations featuring multiple teams. Team captains can now create a secondary team for an existing one, allowing for a more centralised team page.


Sadly, we have had to remove the Streamers page due to API restrictions. However, we do have plans to ensure streamers form part of our plans in 2021.

In fact, along with those plans are a number of other changes and additions that will roll out during the course of the year. Some of these include concepts we believe will make your time on ACGL unique, integrated and more enjoyable than ever before. These new features and additions will be announced through the course of the year.

We haven’t even started talking about the plans for events (which will be online for at least the first six months), main tournaments and more. The regular online tournaments and matchfinders continue, and you can start jumping in and ranking up for both bragging rights and prizes. The first cups are from Wednesday, while the matchfinders restart on Friday.

If you haven’t done so yet, sign up and create your profile. It’s free and takes you around a minute to do. Once a registered ACGL user, jump in and get competing.


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