The Maties Cluster Esports League will kick off with three titles available for play; DOTA (PC), CS:GO (PC) and FIFA (PlayStation 4).


DOTA 2 and CS:GO (5v5)

Will be operated online with a LAN final for the top two teams at the end of season 2

  • Season One
    • ​Deadline: 13 August
    • Start Date: 17 August
    • End Date: 14 September


  • Players will be required to own a PC with CS:GO
  • Have access to stable internet connection
  • Teams of 5


  • Dependent on sign ups


FIFA 18 Cluster Tournament and League

Will operate on the top floor of the Neelsie between the study hall and dance hall.

  • Season One: 6 Aug - 7 September


  • Players will have to play fixtures according to their cluster at the venue


  • Player  Check In: 17:15
  • Tournament Start Time: 18:00



Contact us at [email protected] for support or queries.