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ACGL_GhostSixty6 resolved the Match Dispute11 Aug 21:28 SAST
ACGL_GhostSixty6 entered Result Benoni boys (0), NoobSquad (1)11 Aug 21:26 SAST
DwayneMx101 disputed the Match11 Aug 21:26 SAST
Battlebot Match Result automatically accepted11 Aug 20:54 SAST
iEnVy_waffels_69 entered Result Benoni boys (7), NoobSquad (6)11 Aug 20:48 SAST

Match Date

11 Aug 20:30 SAST



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you guys ready

we must play we won pink flamingos. @admin

we must play you bononi boys do et play them @admin we won

Hi there, what was the match score? YOu can report it if you have played and it is complete.

we played it complete we won 8-5 we dit match dispute it

I sent invites to you waffels

@admin can you tell benoni boys please

@admin ?

@admin Thank you

i did sent invites

Okay so we must play you guys


we won ? 7 -9

Yea you guys did gg

tx for being good sport gg's guys

Best for luck guys