9 - 0

ACGL_GhostSixty6 resolved the Match Dispute11 Aug 21:16 SAST
VanDeRosie disputed the Match11 Aug 21:08 SAST
Battlebot Match Result automatically accepted11 Aug 20:49 SAST
ISULEMAN786 entered Result Noob Africa (9), TheTerriblez (0)11 Aug 20:43 SAST

Match Date

11 Aug 20:04 SAST


Noob Africa

Match ID



Add me on PSN OR EPIC

@admin. We played and my team won 5-3

@admin he is playing alone and should be disqualified

@adimn. My teammates electricity went out and they agreed to play 2vs1. Now they lost and are slaty

Hey guys, lets resolve this dispute, VanDeRosie are you playing 1v2? As that is not allowed. If you did play 2v2, please send me screenshots of both matches with the player names and kills visible. Noob Africa, please do not play your next match until this is resolved

@admin we did not know that he is not allowed to play alone and only found out after the match

@admin he playing alone, we have proof

OK, but rules are still rules and you are not allowed to play 1v2. So Noob Africa goes through

@admin he is playing alone and I got a screenshot

@admin can we replay the match and I'll use a replacement and beat them fairly?

Subs are not allowed

@admin I got the most kills in total and they agreed to play 1vs2

@admin rules are rules

Regardless of what happened in the match you are not allowed to 2v1

His teammate should have been there

My teammate is back

Too late, 15 minutes are up

We can replay it


No replays unfortunately, Noob Africa goes through to the next round. Unlucky buddy!

Utter nonsense. Wonderful xD. They lose a 2v1. Lie about the score and still go through. Shafting is real.

Don't be salty, take it as a lesson and get your teamate, play properly next time

Get better at the game. U lost to 1 player kid

And U use keyboard and mouse. U should be ashamed of Ur self