0 - 6

LordStax accepted the Result11 Aug 20:38 SAST
Onhers entered Result Mochachos (0), Top Class (6)11 Aug 20:37 SAST
Onhers cancelled the Result11 Aug 20:37 SAST
Battlebot Match Result automatically accepted11 Aug 20:04 SAST
ACGL_HoldenZA entered Result Mochachos (0), Top Class (1)11 Aug 20:03 SAST
Onhers entered Result Mochachos (0), Top Class (1)11 Aug 19:56 SAST

Match Date

11 Aug 19:30 SAST



Match ID



yo you guys accepting ?

Sorry the team we played before messed up with the result

sorry bro we have been waiting 20 minutes and admin said you are disqualified bro

You miss the time period. You've been disqualified.


Bro it’s not our fault that the team before messed up

That's really unfortunate

Nah that’s bullshit bru

bro admid said you guys are out so just accept it bro

The team we played before entered the result from the first game by mistake so we were still playing the second map when you had sent the friend request

unlucky bros

Hey there gents we have unfortunately got to reverse the decision based on the team Mochachos having an error on their first match which affected this match
We will reset the score and the match.
Please continue with the match

ggs guys