2 - 0

AfroSkeleton97 entered Result AfroFlexer (2), PLETT BOYYYZZZ (0)16 Jun 19:17 SAST
Cameroncamel entered Result AfroFlexer (0), PLETT BOYYYZZZ (2)16 Jun 19:03 SAST

Match Date

16 Jun 19:00 SAST



Match ID



How do you' cheat like that. Putting in a score without playing. You guys are cheaters.

I have reset the match as it has been disputed, what is the correct score? Or has the match not yet been played?

The match wasn't played and they placed addadded the scores themselves. I added the one player and he accepted my friend request and I invited him to the lobby and he did join

Please play the match and report the correct score. PLETT BOYYYZZZ you are on your first and final warning, another false score report and you will be removed from the tournament

I mean he didn't join the lobby

I invited him again to the lobby
.. thanks man

He does not want to join

Im sorry these guys are reporting false scores

We won