Browsing Tournaments

You can view a full list of tournaments for every title by clicking on Tournaments from the home page. To view tournaments for a specific title, go to that title's home page and click on Tournaments.

Joining a Tournament

You can join tournaments by clicking on the Sign up button on the tournament page. Team-based tournaments will require you to select your team members when signing up. If the sign up button is not present, please make sure you are logged in, you are the captain of a team, registrations are not closed and that you do meet all of the requirements listed for that tournament.

Joining a Tournament as a Free Agent

If you do not have a team, you can join a tournament as a free agent. Provided that there are enough free agents and that you check in at the specified time, you will be placed into a team with other free agents based on your XP.

Leaving a Team Tournament

You can click on the Leave button on the tournament page to leave that tournament.


You can view the tournament-specific and general rules by clicking on this tab. Please ensure you check this page regularly to keep up to date with the latest rules.


You can view a list of participants in a tournament by clicking on this tab. Participants are listed alphabetically and this does not reflect the tournament seeding (if applicable). For team based tournaments, the team roster(members for that specific tournament) will be listed under the team.


You can view the tournament brackets by clicking on this tab. A details button will be visible for all matches, see below for more info on the match page.There will also be a Enter Result button for all of your matches that are not yet finished.

Groups(Round Robin)

You can view the tournament groups and standings by clicking on this tab. Go to the Matches tab to view all matches related to the Round Robin and to report/dispute results.


Reporting a Result

Team Captains can report the result of a match by clicking on the 'Enter Result'. Once a result is entered by Team A, Team B will have 5 minutes to respond to this result(either accept or reject) before it is automatically accepted.

Disputing a Match

If you wish to dispute the outcome of a match, you can click on the Dispute button found on the match page. An admin will make contact on the Match Discussion.

Match Page

On the match page you will be able to enter results, dispute the match, use the match discussion to communicate with your opponents and admins, view the match maps and also view a detailed match log.