Creating a Team

You can create a team by clicking on the user menu(top right) and clicking on New Team. You can enter your team name as well as links to social media pages. You can also enter a list of users to invite to the team.

Updating Team Details
As a team captain, you will be able to click on Manage from the team page to update your team's details.

Disbanding a Team
While on the Manage team page, click on Disband.

Managing members
While on the team page, as a team captain you will be able to remove members, invite more members, promote members(to captain) and demote members.

Team Privacy
This determines how members can join the team. There are 3 levels of team privacy:

  • Disabled
    • The Join button will not be visible on your team profile page
  • Public
    • Any user can become a member
  • Password
    • Any user may join this team if they enter the correct password
  • Captain Confirmation
    • Team captains must confirm the membership of any user who requests to join

Joining a Team
You can accept a team invitation in two ways:

  • Click on the notification you receive after being invited
  • Go to the team page and respond to the invitation

Leaving a Team
Go to the team page and click on Leave.

Captains are able to do the following:

  • Invite and Remove members from the team
  • Manage the team details and privacy settings
  • Sign the team up to tournaments
  • Report, confirm and dispute match results