Why do I need to Sign Up?

In order to compete in any of our tournaments you are required to Sign Up.



How do I create a team?

You can create a team by clicking on your profile picture and then on New Team

How do I invite players to my team?

Go to your team page, manage, members and then type in the username of the user you want to add under "Invite". You can also set the privacy of your team so that members can join using a password or by requesting to join.

Do all players in my team need an account?

All members of a team that wish to compete in a tournament are required to Sign Up.

How do I accept a team invite?

To accept a team invitation users can either:

  • Click the link sent via email.

  • Go to the team page and click on respond.

How do I remove members from my team?

You can remove a team member n the manage members page.



How do I see my match fixtures?

Click on the Shield icon in the user menu to view all of your pending and past matches.

My opponent has reported the incorrect scores, what should I do?

If your opponent has reported the incorrect score for your match, please select the 'Dispute' button found on the Report Score page. Please contact an admin after disputing a result