MOSS is an anti-cheat software to ensure fairplay.

You don't need to install anything to use it, you just unzip the software, run it, save a logfile and send it to us at ACGL.


1. Download MOSS

To get started, you need to download the MOSS client.

You can either navigate the MOSS webpage and find the download section there or use the direct links below:


2. Unpack the file

You then need to right-click the file and unpack it.

Either use the implemented tools in Windows to extract the files or any other software such as WinRAR.

To unpack the file, you click either Open with WinRAR, Extract files... (to choose a custom directory) or Extract Here (this will unpack the file in the folder you're currently in).

Run the file as Admin

You now need to run the file as an Administrator - the software won't start at all if you try to run it any other way.

Right-click the file and click Run as Administrator - the text might look differently for you depending on the language and localization settings you have for your operating system.


3. Choose your game

MOSS Anti-Cheat supports several games, to choose the game you are playing on ACGL, navigate through the File menu in the upper left corner.
Then click Parameters.

A new window will appear after clicking Parameters, a window with a list of different games.
Check the game you will be playing and click OK at the centre bottom part of the window.


4. Start monitoring

You can then start the monitoring process.
Navigate to Capture then click Start in MOSS.

After starting the monitoring process, you can start up your game and play your match on ACGL.


5. Stop monitoring

When the match is finished you need to stop the monitoring process.
You do this by clicking Capture then Stop, similar to how you started the process.


6. File created

You can find the file containing all the monitoring information in the same directory as the Mossx64.exe is located in.

Note: Do NOT open the file or alter it in any way before sending it to us, the file will detect any tampering.

If we receive a file that has been tampered with it will be ruled as an invalid file.


7. Send the file to Tournament Administration

Simply send the file via email(request an admin's email through the match chat) or Discord.

If you have any questions in regards to the MOSS Anti-Cheat Software, please contact our support chat for further assistance!