How to play a matchfinder

The Matchfinders are designed to get you competing against others without the fixed cup format, and the time needed for a full tournament bracket. Play when you like and as often as you can with Matchfinders.

Once a matchfinder is open you can search against others currently also queued in the matchfinder using Quick Match or schedule a match to be played at a specific time using Challenges.

First things first, find the matchfinder you want to compete in, here is a list.



Sign Up

Just as any other tournament, you will be required to sign up and enter your game account.


Quick Match

On the matchfinder page, provided the queue is open, you can click on Start to search for other participants in the queue.  Once an opponent is found, both participants must click Accept for a match to be created. After the match is created, you can go to the match page to start playing.



At any time you can click on Create to start creating a challenge. Enter the date and time for the match then click Create Challenge. Your challenge will be listed and once another participant accepts the challenge, you will receive a notification. Don't forget to play your match at the specified time!