Create a Team

Click on New Team either in the Teams tab or under the user menu (top right corner). This will take you to the team creation form.



Here you must enter your team name, the preferred game (this will only affect the team page background) and optionally upload a team logo. Click Create team.


After creating the team you will be able to invite other ACGL users to your team.

The easiest way to invite another player is to send them the team invite link. Once they go to the link they will automatically be added to the team.

Alternatively, enter their username in the field that can be found on your team page. Click on the user you would like to invite to your team and click Invite Player. The user will need to accept the invite by going to their Notifications.



Manage Members

In addition to inviting team members, you can also remove team members and promote them to captain. Team captains have the following benefits:

  • Invite and remove members from the team
  • Manage the team details and privacy settings
  • Sign the team up to tournaments
  • Report, confirm and dispute match results


Manage Privacy

To change your team's privacy, click on the Settings tab on your team page. Your team privacy determines how members can join your team. The available options are:

  • Invite Only - Players can only be manually invited or join via the invite link
  • Public - Any user can automatically become a member
  • Password - Users will need to type in a password to join the team
  • Requests - Users may request to join the team. Requests must be accepted by a team captain before the user becomes a team member


Disband a team

You can disband a team by clicking on Disband team at the bottom of the settings page. The team will automatically be disbanded if you are the only team captain and leave the team.



A sub-team exists separately from the main team it was created from, it is simply a way to quickly create another team from members that already exist together in a team without having to re-invite members again.

To create a sub-team, from a team page click on Create sub-team. Enter the team name, game and finally select the members that will be in the new team.