Find a tournament

First things first, find the tournament you want to sign up to. You can find a list of all upcoming ACGL tournaments by going here or by clicking on Play in the main menu. You can also find tournaments for a specific game by going to Games and clicking on the specific game.



The tournament page

Once you click on the tournament you want to join, you will be taken to the tournament page. 

The overview tab contains Details on the tournament as well as the Timeline, Prizes and the Quick Rules.

You will also see tabs for Participants, which lists all of the players/teams that have signed up and Rules which contains all of the rules that apply to this specific tournament.

We recommend that you always familiarize yourself with the rules before the tournament starts, this will reduce the chances of disputes and you potentially being forfeited for breaking any rules.



Sign up

Always make sure you are logged into your ACGL account before signing up. If the Sign-up Deadline has not been reached, a Sign-up button will be available at the top of the tournament page. Click on it to go to the Sign-up form.

For most tournaments, you will need to enter your in-game name. This is how admins and your opponents will identify you, so make sure this is up to date! Having the incorrect game account may result in a tournament forfeit.


For a solo tournament simply click on Sign up.

For team-based tournaments, you will need to select the team you will be signing up (if you are a member of multiple teams), then select the members that are competing by clicking on "Playing" next to their usernames. 

Certain tournaments allow for substitute players, you are allowed to use these players at any point in the tournament, but they will receive no Elo or stats for competing. Prize distribution will be up to the team captain.



Check in

For most tournaments, you will additionally need to Check in to confirm your entry before you are "seeded" into the tournament. This means that you have to revisit the tournament page 10-60 minutes prior to the tournament starting to verify that you will take part. You do this by simply clicking on the Check-in button at the top of the tournament page during the Check-in period. 

Should you fail to confirm your entry on time you will not be able to participate in the tournament. Better luck next time!

*For team-based tournaments, each team member must check-in for the team to become confirmed. 


Tournament starts

Once the tournament starts you will receive a notification. Return to the tournament page and you should see your first match listed. You can also view your ongoing matches in the Activity tab.

*In a knockout bracket tournament, if your team receives a Bye in Round 1 of the bracket, you will need to wait until you have an opponent for your Round 2 match. 


GLHF in your first tournament!