How Elo and Ranks work

Elo determines your rank for a specific title on ACGL. You will earn Elo by winning matches, and lose it when you lose matches. 


How is Elo gain/loss determined?

Your rank is determined by your Elo rating, and your Elo is determined by the Elo Rating System. In short, the system looks at the Elo rating as well as your opponents Elo rating, then determines the Elo gain/loss depending on the outcome.


How to get a rank

Once you have played your 5 placement matches for a specific title, you will receive your initial Rank. 
The more you play and the more people you play against, the more accurate the rank will get. So don't get dismayed if you think your initial rank does not accurately reflect your skill level, you'll likely rank up quickly again after a few more games and tournaments!


Elo Decay

For specified titles (COD Cold War, COD Mobile, Fortnite) Elo decay is in effect. This means that you will lose 5 Elo for every week that you do not play at least one match on the ACGL website. Elo is deducted every Monday.