How to get started with ACGL

ACGL is where you can compete in Tournaments, Leagues and Matchfinders in esports titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty, R6 Siege, PUBG and many more! 

Using the gaming skills you already have, you can win money and other prizes, or just play for fun. If you are looking for a team or new friends to play with, you can find that here too.


If you are just getting started, here's what you need to know:

  • Most tournaments are free-to-enter
  • If you do not have a team but would still like to compete in team-based tournaments (2v2, 5v5) you can sign up as a Free Agent so that you get placed into a team with other FAs
  • Need a team? Create your own by inviting others. You can also use our Free Agents list to get picked up by other teams
  • Use our Matchfinders to play on your own time, search for opponents in the queue or schedule matches for a specific time


Other benefits of ACGL:

  • We always have admins online to support you in ongoing tournaments or help you answer any questions you have about ACGL
  • Your performance in ACGL tournaments are all saved to your profile
  • You earn rewards by simply playing and by completing missions
  • You can upload your gameplay clips