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ACGL Match Result automatically accepted15 Jan 19:48 SAST
riaanv123 entered Result riaanv123 (1), Hello (0)15 Jan 19:42 SAST
Hello disputed the Match15 Jan 19:17 SAST
ACGL Match Result automatically accepted15 Jan 19:16 SAST
riaanv123 entered Result riaanv123 (1), Hello (0)15 Jan 19:10 SAST

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15 Jan 19:00 SAST


Total of 2

Match ID

  • riaanv123
    Nathan Verster
  • Hello (Host)



What's ur epic

riaanv123 or Black_Thief

I sent you a request?

Hi there, what is the problem with the score?

Was waiting for a player with name Nkosikrby to invite me. Did not get one - instead of that we got from Vezleafs. Started playing but thought I needed to exit to wait for Nkosikrby. Did not and decided to enter that Nkosikrby had forfeited. He old me afterwards that he had been hacked and that his name was Nkosikrby. Happy to play him again

I see, yes please play your match against VezLeafz, if you check nkosikrby's profile you will see that his epic id and psn username is in fact VezLeafz, so he is in fact the person that you need to play against. Keep in mind a players ACGL username might not be the same as their Game account.

Yes - sorry, realise that now. First time playing a tournament. Honest mistake :)

Hi GhostSixty6 - spoke to Nkosikrby after sending him a few invites. He said it was fine, that he isn't interested in playing again and that "you won fair and square". Am I able to play Seemonster now please?

I have entered I confirmed win for me considering that he said he did not want to rematch. Hope this is ok?