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Tidl_Nate21 accepted the Result15 Jan 20:05 SAST
SEEMONSTER entered Result SEEMONSTER (0), Tidl_Nate21 (1)15 Jan 20:04 SAST

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15 Jan 19:48 SAST




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Hi Seemonster - are you hosting our Duo?

hey bud yeah sending you an invite now

Do not play this match yet, riaanv123 is in a dispute with his previous opponent

no problem will wait thank you Admin

We were waiting for NkosiKrby to invite and instead got an invite from Vezleafs - only saw afterwards. Can we have a rematch?

Hey SEEMONSTER, once Riaan and NkosiKrby finish their match, the winner will face you.

no problem thanks Admin!

Hi. I am ready to play now. Nkosikrby pulled out - did not want to rematch.

Hi Seemonster. Great playing. I see I have four wins in total in the two games to your 4. Does this mean I have won?

yeah you won bud. entered the scores you can just accept.

Thanks I saw - great playing. See you next time ;)