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ACGL_GhostSixty6 entered Final Result Fillers (0), ZVapor (1)12 Jan 21:32 SAST
kRs- entered Result Fillers (1), ZVapor (0)12 Jan 21:27 SAST

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12 Jan 20:50 SAST


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I cant find your gamertags

Hey there Fillers, I have been informed that you are using Epic accounts that are different from the ones linked on your ACGL account, this is not allowed and you will be forfeited unless you use the correct accounts (Emyzz and GƠD BeechN00B).

Fillers, I need a reply from you asap. If you do not switch accounts by 21:35 I will have to forfeit your team.

Fillers, since you knowingly played your match using the incorrect accounts, you will have to forfeit.