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ACGL_GhostSixty6 entered Result Most Wanted (1), DaRk Clan (0)12 Jan 20:05 SAST
ACGL Match Result automatically accepted12 Jan 19:45 SAST
SyNrGy-_-VORTEX entered Result Most Wanted (0), DaRk Clan (1)12 Jan 19:39 SAST

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12 Jan 19:00 SAST


DaRk Clan


Total of 2

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Dude you such a bot why can’t you chat

Who won

We win 11-2

We won

Why the result say u won

It doesnt

Now why you playing again

In the next round

Detached has disputed the result, please provide proof of the final scores from both matches, include both the score and player names in the screenshots.

How do i send pictures