XBL ID: The DONZA69XBL ID: MduPsych96
  • Match Date

    23 Jan 19:29 SAST
  • Game

    FIFA 20 XB1
  • Format

    Total of 2
  • Match ID

  • Host

    The DONZA69
Results have been reported and the match is finished


  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:01

    My opponent and I cannot connect to each other in friendlies. It may be due to our NAT types that usually don't allow people to connect to one another and limits multi-player possibilities. (Dispute started)

  • ACGL_HoldenZA23 Jan 20:03

    Are you both playing on a wired connection?

  • MduPsych23 Jan 20:04

    I'm on a wireless connection

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:05

    I'm wired

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:05

    NAT type is OPEN

  • ACGL_HoldenZA23 Jan 20:06

    Could you please send a picture of a connection test on Xbox, please.

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:08

    Multi-player connection, network connection or speed and statistics?

  • ACGL_HoldenZA23 Jan 20:09

    network connection first please.

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:14

    Did you get the pics?

  • ACGL_HoldenZA23 Jan 20:15

    No I did not.

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:16

    I'm getting this

  • MduPsych23 Jan 20:17

    This is mine

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:25


  • ACGL_HoldenZA23 Jan 20:35

    So when both players' connections are good and we cannot resolve the match by either connectivity or a result, we award the win to the player with the higher Seed. Which in this bracket is The Don (5) vs Mdu (13) . Don has the higher seed and will progress through to the next round.

  • MduPsych23 Jan 20:36


  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:37

    Okay thanks Holden. Unlucky Mdu. GL in the future bro

  • The DONZA6923 Jan 20:38

    Oh nice we got in a game, thanks again Holden

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