• Entries

    20 teams
  • Game

    Apex Legends
  • TypeThe loser of each match is immediately eliminated from the tournament. Each winner will play another round until the final match to determine the tournament winner

    Singe Elimination
  • Structure

  • FormatTwo games are played and the winner is determined by the sum of their score

    Total of 2
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  • Signup Deadline

  • Check In Period

    22 Feb 13:00 - 13:55
  • Start Date

    22 Feb 14:00 SAST
Tournament Support



  • Join the tournament before the Signup Deadline
  • Check in during the Check In Period if applicable
  • Matches will be generated at the tournament Start Date


  • Every player(including all team members) must go to the tournament page during the Check In Period and click on the Check In button
  • All players will receive a notification reminding them to check in


  • All players must reside(currently live in) a Sub Saharan African Country. For a full list of eligible countries see the Rules page
  • If we fail to get at least 4 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be cancelled


  • Matches in a knockout bracket are played one after the other until the tournament is finished.
  • All matches must be started as soon as possible and played until completion. Postponing matches is at the discretion of the tournament admin



1st  R600 Cash
2nd R300 Pizza Voucher
3rd N/A

Quick Rules

Apex Legends tournaments are open to all platforms


  • Go to your match page to find your Match ID, upload results and report scores. 
  • Teams are allowed to play as many games as they can in a 60 minutes time frame. Players also have to upload the mandatory result screenshots for their best 2 played games within the 60 minute timeframe
  • Screenshots that are posted after the 60 minute timeframe will not count towards your total score. 
  • The 60 minute timer starts from the Match Date on your match page(once teams are paired up)
  • Teams accumulate 1 point per kill and 6 points for winning a game, the team with the most points takes the win
  • In case of a tie in the results, the team with the most damage advances. If still tied the winner will be the team that in total survived the longest
  • Teams are allowed to play games shorthanded, in case of technical problems. Only the kills from the registered players will count.
  • It's not needed to contact your opponents, admins will forfeit teams that don't report any results after 60 minutes.
  • Players must be at least Level 25 to be eligible to compete


  • Team captains must take an end-of-game screenshot of the team's results and upload it to the Match Discussion
  • The screenshot needs to have the Match ID visible somewhere in the image
    • The easiest method is to write your match ID on a piece of paper and include it when taking the photo with your phone
    • On Xbox One, Chat Messages can be sent by holding in BACK. On PS4, Chat Messages can be sent by holding in TOUCHPAD
    • Editing the Match ID into the picture afterwards will not be accepted
    • If you are unable to upload it on the website/app you can try uploading it to https://imgur.com/ and then posting the share link in the match chat