• Game

    FIFA 20 XB
  • Type

    Single Elimination
  • Mode

  • Format

    Best of 1
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  • Signup Deadline

  • Check In

    7 Dec 13:00 - 2:00
  • Start Date

    07 Dec 14:00 SAST


  • 1st

    Gold trophy
  • 2nd

    Silver trophy
  • 3rd

    Bronze trophy



  • Join the tournament before the Signup Deadline
  • Check in during the Check In Period if applicable
  • Round 1 Matches will be generated at the tournament Start Date


  • Every player(including all team members) must go to the tournament page during the Check In Period and click on the Check In button
  • You will also receive a notification reminding you to check in, clicking on that will take you to the tournament page
  • To make sure you have fully checked in, go to the Participants tab and make sure you are listed under Participants and not Unconfirmed
  • If we fail to get at least 4 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be cancelled


After Round 1, all Matches have a unique default start time that is dependent upon the time at which the Teams’ previous Round results were submitted. Matches must be started by their default start time and played until completion. Postponing matches is only at the discretion of Online Tournament staff

Quick Rules


  • Difficulty Level: World Class
  • Half Length: 5 minutes
  • Trainer must be OFF
  • Dynamic Tactics allowed
  • Timed Finish: ON
  • Injuries: On
  • Offsides: On
  • Bookings: On
  • Time/Score display: On
  • Camera: Default
  • Radar: 2D
  • Home Auto Switching: User Settings
  • Away Auto Switching: User Settings
  • Handball: OFF
  • Referee Card Strictness and Foul Strictness: Both must be average
  • Stadium: Neutral ground when no Home and Away leg is played
  • Weather: Clear
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Volume Settings: Default
  • Defending: Tactical Defending ONLY
  • Pass Power Assistance must be OFF

Goalkeeper Control: Players are allowed to use the TRIANGLE or ‘Y’ button only to control your Goalkeeper. You CANNOT touch pad button or ‘Select’ to control your Goalkeeper.

Replays: If you score a goal you cannot watch all three replays, once is fine.

Time Wasting: Should you be leading in a game and start passing around in the back you will be immediately disqualified. Please call a referee if you suspect your opponent is wasting time. Should you wait until after the game, the result will stay as is, as there is nothing for the admins to rule on.


  • All teams allowed except for ‘all-star’ teams
  • Same team allowed on both sides
  • If opponent chooses to play international it is up to you to play a club or international side


  • No cursing, shouting, bumping or distracting your opponent.
  • Pause the game only if you have the ball and have given your opponent a heads up if you are going to pause. Both players must agree they are ready to resume the match.
  • The ball must be passed back once before you can cross in to the opponents half, you cannot run in to his half straight from kick off.
  • If you set up your controller, please save it on temporary assigned slot.
  • It is up to you as player to check your controls before the game starts, the admins and organisers will not be held liable for controllers that are not set up.
  • Should a console freeze alert one of the admins. If it is still in the 1st half the game will be replayed full but the game continues from the score upon which the screen froze. If it froze in the 2nd half the game is restarted and only one half of the game is played and the score is as it was upon freezing of the console.


This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.