5v5 Siege PS4 Debonairs League
18 teams


Best of 3


Valid Game Account
Reside in Sub Saharan Africa



Rainbow 6 Siege @ PS4


Round Robin

Start Date

05 Aug 12:00 SAST


Rainbow Six Siege players, it is time for your next league event on ACGL. The Debonairs Pizza league for Rainbow Six Siege will offer a R1,000 winner-takes-all cash prize per platform. The action will play out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will run for around one month.

Registrations are now open and will close on 4 August 2019. Teams will compete in a round robin format with the top teams moving into a playoffs on Sunday 1 September.

Tournament schedule:

Registrations: 22 July - 4 August 2019
Group phase: 5 - 25 August
Playoffs: 1 September
This tournament forms part of the ongoing Debonairs Pizza Series.

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at admin@acgl.co.za.

Quick Rules


  • Nøkk and Warden are not allowed to be used!
  • All other operators are allowed.

Game Settings

  • Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  • Server Type: Dedicated Server
    • Server Location: West EU(WEU)
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time of the Day: Day
  • HUD Settings: Pro League

Match Settings:

  • Number of Bans: 4
  • Ban Timer: 20
  • Number of Rounds: 12
  • Attacker/Defender Role swap: 6
  • Overtime Rounds: 3
  • Overtime Score Difference: 2
  • Overtime Role Change: 1
  • Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
  • Attacker Unique Spawn: On
  • Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • 6TH Pick Phase: On
  • 6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • Reveal Phase Timer: 5
  • Damage Handicap: 100
  • Friendly Fire Damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death Replay: Off


  • Plant Duration: 7
  • Defuse Duration: 7
  • Fuse Time: 45
  • Defuse Carrier Selection: On
  • Preparation Phase Duration: 45
  • Action Phase Duration: 180


Randomized maps will be listed on each match page. These are the recommended maps to be played, but if both teams agree, the maps may be chosen by team captains using the VETO system