Quick Rules

Rule Update (14/07)

  • OTM attachment has been banned



  • On the top middle of your screen press the icon that looks like two heads.
  • Click "Add Friends".
  • On the top right search field type in your opponents gamertag or players UID listed on the match page.
  • Once the search yields results, click on the gold icons on the top right of the players card.
  • Players may add each other using their UID (19 digit number as well)



  • Game Modes: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Domination
  • We recommend setting a Room Password
  • Randomized maps will be listed on each match page. These are the recommended maps to be played, but if both teams agree, the maps may be chosen by team captains using the VETO system
  • Non-hosting team will choose side
  • Allow Spectators: 0
  • Allow Invite: Yes


From the main menu follow the below instructions:

  • Click on "Multiplayer"
  • On the left side of your screen, click "Private". This will setup a private game.
  • Invite all players to your match by going to the top right portion of your screen and clicking the "Invite Friends" dropdown menu. If you have not added your friend/opponent, please refer to the "Adding a Friend" section



  • Round Score limit: 250
  • Time Limit: 600 sec


  • Round Win Limit: 6
  • Round Time Limit: 90


  • Round Score limit: 100

Game Specific


These items are NOT allowed to be used unless stated otherwise


  • Trip Mine​


  • Tracker
  • Persistence
  • Alert 
  • Engineer
  • Cold Blooded 
  • Demo expert
  • Hardline 
  • Fast Recover


    • All Rare, Epic & Legendary rated weapons
      • Includes primaries, secondaries, lethals and tacticals 
    • All LMGs, Shotguns, Launchers


    • FMJ on Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Pistol
    • OTM


    • All scorestreaks are banned except for the Hunter Killer,
      Predator Missile and MQ-27 Dragonfire

    Operator Skill

    • All operator skills are banned


      1.2 MAPPOOL


      • Raid
      • Standoff
      • Summit


      • Crash
      • Raid
      • Firing Range
      • Standoff
      • Summit


      • Raid
      • Firing Range



        Ruleset Update: 04 May 2020 - Emulators and Emulators and Third-Party Devices​ & GAME ID's and In-Game Usernames


        1.3 Emulators and Third-Party Devices​

        Use of a PC emulator to compete in these tournaments is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.

        We do not support Emulators OR Third-Party Devices, such as a controller, or other input devices outside of the device they are playing on. Players need to take a screenshot of their pre-lobby before joining the private game. If a player disconnects in the private game lobby, the team will need to go back into the pre-lobby and take another screenshot.

        Failing to submit proof of the home screen or pre-lobby when requested will result in the player/team forfeiting the match.


        1.4 Grace Period

        A participant must be in the game lobby with their opponent within 15 minutes after a match’s start time. Proof must be provided that there was an attempt to contact the missing opponent.

        Teams are allowed to play one map shorthanded per match


        1.5 Delays

        Participants may not delay the start of a match without the approval of an admin. Participants may delay a match between games for up to five minutes.

        For any forfeit claim, evidence is required to substantiate your claim. In order to support your forfeit/claim, you must provide irrefutable evidence. Proof via video or a screenshot will be required and may be uploaded on the match page or https://streamable.com/(video) or https://imgur.com/ (images) if the proof is too large to upload on the match discussion


        1.6 Normal Boundaries

        Players who move their character outside of the normal boundaries of a map may forfeit the Game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a Map includes but is not limited to part of the Character’s body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, and moving into any area from which your Character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your Character.


        1.7 Match Schedule

        In a knockout tournament, participants that have not completed their matches before the scheduled start time of the next round of fixtures must contact an admin. Participants that do not attempt to contact an admin will have their fixtures forfeit once the 'Grace Period' of the following fixture expires.


        1.8 Time Limit

        Teams must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the match results or respond to admins may result in your team being forfeited. 


        1.9 Double Forfeit

        If a match is not played and neither team contacts the admin requesting the forfeit or win, both teams will be knocked out of the tournament.

        1.10 Seeding

        Participants will be seeded according to their game ELO. The higher seed is determined by the participant with the seed closest to 0. Example: Seed 4 is a higher seed than seed 10. 


        1.11 Disconnections

        For SND and DOM, if a player disconnects the game should be ended at the end of the round and the player reinvited (rehost). The game should then be continued with the same points and team sides as when the round ended.

        For HP, the game can only be restarted if the player disconnects within the first 30 seconds.


        1.12 Hosting

        The host is the player that creates the custom game and ensures that the proper settings and maps are used. The host should set their party limit to match the number of players for the match. If the host incorrectly ends a game, their team may forfeit the game.
        The higher seeded team must host the first game. The lower seeded team will host the second game. This rotates until a winner is found. Higher seed selects their faction/side for game 2. Lower seed picks sides for games 1 and 3.


        1.13 Lag

        A lag test must be performed before the start of each game to ensure all players have an acceptable player to player connection. Lag tests must be done via a Free-For-All.

        In the event that lag occurs, the game should be completed. The player(s) that are experiencing lag should take video proof and provide it to an admin. If lag is occuring, it is recommended that multiple players provide proof of the lag. Leaving the game prematurely may result in a forfeit of the map. 


        1.14 Report Match Score

        Match results must be entered after all games/maps have been completed by going to the match page and clicking on Enter Result(only visible to team captains). Once a result is entered, the opposing team will have 5 minutes to respond to the result before it is automatically accepted.


        1.15 Outside Players

        Only eligible players on the two teams and ACGL admins may be invited/join the match lobby. If an ineligible player joins a game, the game must be ended if the player affects the game and/or doesn't leave within 30 seconds of joining. If a Player is found to have invited an ineligible player to a game, they will forfeit the game.


        1.16 GAME ID's and In-Game Usernames

        All our users need to abide by our rules regarding their in-game usernames and player ID's. No profanity, bad language or vulgar names will be allowed in a players game id (EPIC ID, Battlenet ID, or any other platform ID's) We also recommend making your game id legible, avoiding foreign characters and letters. If your name contains an ID that cannot be typed on a standard PC, Console or Mobile device, the player may be held responsible should there be an issue adding an opponent and/or team.

        Global Rules

        3.1 Communication

        Only communication via the ACGL Discord chat lobby, Match Discussion and ACGL Personal Messages will be accepted.


        3.2 Rule Changes

        ACGL has the right to (1) decide outside or even against the rulebook and (2) make changes to any of these rules before or during the tournament. This is to ensure fair play and the smooth progression of the tournament


        3.3 Late Entries

        Participants will not be able to sign up to tournaments once the Sign up deadline the has been reached


        3.4 Misconduct and Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

        All players are asked to behave in a respectful way towards other competitors and ACGL admins; treat others as you would like to be treated! Toxic behavior, flaming and unsportsmanlike behavior are not allowed and may be punished


        3.5 Apple

        Apple Inc. is not in any way, shape or form a sponsor or partner in any tournaments hosted on this platform.


        3.6 Conflict of interest

        Participation in prize tournaments, unless otherwise explicitly permitted, is not allowed for employees of ACGL, its partners, or tournament sponsors.

        3.7 Connections

        Should we deem that your in-game connection is regularly in conflict with others or too unstable to fairly compete against others, you may be forfeited or blacklisted from our matchfinders.


        3.8 Prize distribution

        In tournaments with a monetary payout, unless otherwise stated, payment will be made within (or by) 30 days following receipt of confirmed bank details


        3.9 Broadcasting

        ACGL reserves the rights to use any material casted or streamed by a player when participating in ACGL Tournaments. All personal streaming is allowed.


        3.10 Spectators

        Other than ACGL admins, spectators are only allowed if both participants agree. Any disputes on spectators must be made before the start of the first game.


        3.11 VPN

        The use of a VPN when logging into our website / app, or during matches is strictly prohibited and may result in you getting banned. 



        4.1 Game Account

        Players must ensure that their game account, relating to the tournament or match being played, is up-to-date and reflecting the exact details on their ACGL account. Players with incorrect details risk forfeiting their match.


        4.2 Multiaccounts

        Each player competing in ACGL tournaments must only have one account. If a player cannot access his account, he must contact an admin on discord or email admin@acgl.co.za


        4.3 Names and Logos

        We reserve the right to edit user/team names or logos if they resemble copyrighted/trademarked content, are offensive/vulgar/obscene or incite hatred.  Names/Logos which go against all forms of etiquette and good manners will also not be accepted and will result in the loss of Honour.

        4.4 Team Roster

        A player may only play for one team in a tournament or league. The only players allowed to play for a team are the players listed under that team on the match page.


        4.5 Substitutes

        For specified tournaments, sub players will be allowed. These players are not required to check in and will also not receive any ELO or count towards team seeding. They will be listed along with the core roster on the match page.


        4.6 Country

        A player\'s country must be set to their country of residence(the country they are currently residing in). Deliberately faking the country of residence is punishable. If a player does so and plays in a team match, the team will be punished as well.

        Participants must reside in one of the following Sub Saharan African countries: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Côte dIvoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Réunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Western Sahara, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

        Hosting rights for private matches will be given to South African players.


        2.1 Cheating

        Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, hacking, abusing in-game mechanics, mods or unsportsmanlike behavior may be punished. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language.


        2.2 Disputes & Proof

        All dispute claims that evidence must be submitted to an ACGL admin for a ruling to be made. For all disputes, the burden of proof is on the accuser. In order to dispute game results, players must notify a tournament admin either via the website or Discord either before/during the match or no longer than 15 minutes after the end of the match.


        2.3 Concessions

        Teams may request that they be allowed to concede victory of a match. A tournament admin must be contacted with these requests.


        2.4 Match Fixing / Betting Fraud

        Engaging in any action that improperly influences the outcome of a game or match by any means is stricly prohibited.


        2.5 Doping

        Any kind of doping is forbidden. Mild cases of doping will be punished with a warning. Severe cases (i.e. use of drugs containing performance enhancing substances, like Adderall) will be punished.


        2.6 Deception/Manipulation

        The attempt to deceive admins or other players with wrong or fake statements, information or data will not be tolerated. Players found bribing or attempting to bribe an ACGL admin or trying to manipulate the competition will be punished accordingly.

        2.7 Game Modification

        Programs that provide an unfair advantage or make changes to the game itself are forbidden. Scripts and changes to the game\'s configuration are not allowed unless otherwise stated in the tournament rules.


        2.8 Account Sharing

        Players are forbidden to allow others to play in tournaments in place of them by sharing game accounts.


        2.9 Equipment

        Players may not use a Turbo/Button Macro controller. For all console tournaments, the use of a Keyboard/Mouse is strictly prohibited.


        2.10 IP Flooding (DDoS Attacks)

        Performing or assisting with a DDoS attack of your opponent will be punished severely.


        2.11 Lack of Cooperation

        Failing to comply with a tournament admin\'s directions and/or requests may result in the forfeit of a game or the entire match.


        2.12 Punishments

        The following punishments for breaking rules may be enforced by an admin: Loss of Honour, a Game Forfeit, a Match Forfeit or an ACGL Site Ban for a specified duration. Penalties may also be combined with other penalties.


        No show 5
        Incorrect game account 5
        Fake result 10
        Unregistered player 10
        Bug abuse 10
        Ringer / Faker 15
        Deception 15
        Unsportsmanlike Behaviour 8-20
        Cheating 10-20


        Once a player reaches -20 Honour they will receive a one week ban, any subsequent violations may result in a permanent ban.