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  • Entries

    27 teams
  • Game

    Modern Warfare
  • TypeA participant is eliminated once they have lost two matches. After their first loss they are moved to the lower bracket. In the final match the participant from the lower bracket must defeat the participant from the main bracket twice.

    Double Elimination
  • Structure

  • FormatThe first participant to win three games will be the winner

    Best of 5


  • Signup Deadline

  • Check In

    6 Sep 12:00 - 12:55All players must go to the tournament page during the Check In Period and click on the Check In button
  • Start Date

    06 Sep 13:00 SAST


  • 1stGold trophy on profile
  • 2ndSilver trophy on profile
  • 3rdBronze trophy on profile
Tournament Support


Note that a female player must be present for all maps and matches played or a team will risk forfeiting the map in question.

There will be no Elo changes during this tournament.



  • Join the tournament before the Signup Deadline
  • Check in during the Check-in Period
  • Matches will be generated at the tournament Start Date


  • Each team must have at least 1 female player
  • All players must reside(currently live in) a Sub Saharan African Country. For a full list of eligible countries see the Rules page
  • If we fail to get at least 8 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be cancelled



13:00WB R1 
14:30WB R2LB R1
16:00WB R3LB R2
17:30WB R4LB R3
19:00 LB R4


13:00 LB R5
14:30 LB R6
16:00WB finalLB R7
17:30 LB R8


Quick Rules


  • Kill cams no longer need to be disabled
  • The hosting player's party privacy must be set to "Invite-only" before going into the private match lobby
  • Switching to your opponent's team/side during an ongoing game is not allowed



  • Matches should be played with the in-game CDL settings
  • Game Modes:
    • Best of 3: HP, SND, DOM
    • Best of 5: HP, SND, DOM, HP, SND
  • Dedicated Server hosting (DS Match) is not allowed due to matches being unstable
  • Activision ID: Players should provide their exact Activision ID. (Example Activision ID: Example#7412898) Your Activision ID can be found here.
  • Gentleman's Agreement (GA) rules are not enforced in ACGL tournaments
  • The hosting player's party privacy must be set to "Invite-only" before going into the private match lobby



  • "MW Console" tournaments are open to PS4 & XB1 players only (no Keyboard/Mouse)
  • "Casual Crossplay" tournaments are open to all platforms (no Elo will be awarded)