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  • Entries

    10 teams
  • Game

    COD Mobile
  • TypeThe loser of each match is immediately eliminated from the tournament. Each winner will play another round until the final match to determine the tournament winner

    Singe Elimination
  • Structure

    10 teams
  • FormatThe first participant to win two games will be the winner

    Best of 3


  • Signup Deadline

  • Check In

    19 Dec 18:00 - 2:00All players must go to the tournament page during the Check In Period and click on the Check In button
  • Start Date

    19 Dec 19:00 SAST


  • 1stGold trophy on profile
  • 2ndSilver trophy on profile
  • 3rdBronze trophy on profile
Tournament Support



  • Join the tournament before the Signup Deadline
  • Check in during the Check In Period if applicable
  • Round 1 Matches will be generated at the tournament Start Date


  • Every player(including all team members) must go to the tournament page during the Check In Period and click on the Check In button
  • You will also receive a notification reminding you to check in, clicking on that will take you to the tournament page
  • To make sure you have fully checked in, go to the Participants tab and make sure you are listed under Participants and not Unconfirmed
  • If we fail to get at least 4 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be cancelled


After Round 1, all Matches have a unique default start time that is dependent upon the time at which the Teams’ previous Round results were submitted. Matches must be started by their default start time and played until completion. Postponing matches is only at the discretion of Online Tournament staff

Quick Rules

Rule Update (17/04) 

  • Hardpoint Settings
    • Round Score limit: 250
    • Time Limit: 600 sec
  • Domination Settings
    • Round Score limit: 100


Rule Update (14/04) 

  • Ghost perk is now allowed
  • 1.4 - Teams are allowed to play 1 map shorthanded per match
  • 1.11 Disconnections - If a player disconnects  in SND/DOM, the game should be ended and the player reinvited
  • Participants must keep rule 4.6 in mind when hosting : Hosting rights for private matches will be given to South African players



  • On the top middle of your screen press the icon that looks like two heads.
  • Click "Add Friends".
  • On the top right search field type in your opponents gamertag or players UID listed on the match page.
  • Once the search yields results, click on the gold icons on the top right of the players card.
  • Players may add each other using their UID (19 digit number as well)



  • Game Modes: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Domination
  • We recommend setting a Room Password
  • Randomized maps will be listed on each match page. These are the recommended maps to be played, but if both teams agree, the maps may be chosen by team captains using the VETO system
  • Non-hosting team will choose side
  • Allow Spectators: 0
  • Allow Invite: Yes


From the main menu follow the below instructions:

  • Click on "Multiplayer"
  • On the left side of your screen, click "Private". This will setup a private game.
  • Invite all players to your match by going to the top right portion of your screen and clicking the "Invite Friends" dropdown menu. If you have not added your friend/opponent, please refer to the "Adding a Friend" section



  • Round Score limit: 250
  • Time Limit: 600 sec


  • Round Win Limit: 6
  • Round Time Limit: 90


  • Round Score limit: 100