• Legitz


    Activision ID: Legitz#1678442
  • Zero (C)

    Zero (C)

    Activision ID: Zero#6501994
  • Btilla


    Activision ID: Tilla#1413734
  • Adriaan.


    Activision ID: AE#7346271
  • JivzhySZN


    Activision ID: Jivzy#1153854


    Activision ID: HULKMAN#1140602
  • nexlight


    Activision ID: nexlight#7031727
  • Chloe_za


    Activision ID: Chloe_za#3899785
  • BoopleSnoot (C)

    BoopleSnoot (C)

    Activision ID: Booplesnoot#8088152
  • Match Date

    06 Sep 16:27 SAST
  • Game

    Modern Warfare
  • Format

    Best of 5
  • Match ID

  • Host

    Fun Vibes
Results have been reported and the match is finished


  • Hardpoint #1

    Hackney Yard
  • SND #1

    Gun Runner
  • Domination

    Gun Runner
  • Hardpoint #2

    St. Petrograd
  • SND #2



  • Adriaan.06 Sep 16:29

    join me for host test

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 16:31


  • Zero06 Sep 16:32

    AE#7346271 is his Activision ID

  • Adriaan.06 Sep 16:33

    aidan they can see it LMFAOO

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 16:33


  • Zero06 Sep 16:33

    Oh lmao mb

  • Adriaan.06 Sep 16:38

    @admin if we both agree to ds can we play on it?

  • Adriaan.06 Sep 16:38

    crossplay ping is bad

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 16:42

    busy chatting to admin on disc

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 16:43

    We dont allow dedicated servers because of how buggy they are. People cant join back into the games if they lag out, no casters allowed, takes 10 minutes to start and multiple other issues. If teams cant find a decent host, they are welcome to find a neutral host. If that still doesn't work teams are forced to play the standard seeding higher seed hosts 1,3 and 5 and lower seed hosts maps 2 and 4. - rafiki

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 16:43

    so basically we're gonna lag regardless

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 16:43

    nice man

  • HULKMAN06 Sep 17:41

    GG's thanks for games

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