These are the “Game Play Rules” governing how the Title Game is played during the Tournament.

1.1. Gameplay

1.1.1. Game Settings

  • Game Version: PlayStation 4
  • Rounds: First to Two
  • Timer: Default (210 seconds)
  • Stage Select: Random
  • Interactables: On

1.1.2. Match Procedure

The following steps outline the process of playing a Match.

1) Players select their sides. 2) Players select their characters. Either Player may invoke Double Blind

Character Selection (as defined in Section 8.1.4). 3) The Players play the first Game of the Match. 4) The losing Player of the preceding Match may choose to change characters

and variations. 5) The next Game is played. 6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all subsequent Games until the Match is complete.

1.1.3. Side Selection

Players may mutually agree who sits on the left and right side, corresponding to Player 1 and Player 2 respectively. If Players cannot agree, the player with the higher seed will have side selection for the first and the third round. The player with the lower seed will have side selection in the second round.

1.1.4. Double Blind Character Selection

Either Player may request that a double blind selection occur. In this situation, a Tournament Organizer will be told, in secret, each of the Players’ choices for the first round. Both Players are to then select their first round character, with the staff validating the character selections.

1.1.5. Permitted Controllers

All standard fight sticks and controllers are permitted. Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) and wireless controllers other than DualShock 4 are not permitted. Players that use DualShock 4 but do not un-sync their controller after the Match are subject to disqualification at the discretion of Tournament Organizers.

1.2. Match Obligations

1.2.1. Punctuality

All Players must be physically present by the Match start time. Players that are not ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the Match start time are subject to penalties including a possible Match forfeiture.

1.2.2. Forfeits

Players may not voluntarily forfeit a Match without prior authorization from Tournament Organizers and, even with authorization, are subject to further penalties for forfeiting.

1.2.3. Hosting

The player with the higher seed will host the first and third match. The player with the lower seed will host the second match.


1.2.4. Connection Test

  • Both players are entitled to a connection test preceding the first match and the change of host for the second match.
  • Connection tests may only last up to 20 seconds of gameplay, after which players must return to character select.
  • If players do not agree to play on a certain connection. They must contact admin to test the connection via Discord support. The admin will make the ruling on the status of the match up.
  • If connection is unplayable on a player's host, the opposition will have priority host for the rest of the match.
  • If both connections are deemed unplayable, the match will be forfeit.


1.3. Match Disruptions

1.3.1. Pauses

If a Player either intentionally or accidentally pauses the Game by either pressing the start button or unplugging his or his opponent’s controller, the Player who paused forfeits the current Round.

1.3.2. Restarts

Tournament Organizers may order a Game or Match restart due to exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects a Player’s ability to play or a Game or Match is unable to finish.

1.3.3. Stalling

Stalling, or excessively delaying the Game or Match, may result in a Game or Match forfeit at the discretion of Tournament Organizers.


1.4. Coaching

Players may designate one (1) individual to be their coach during each Tournament. Players may consult with the coach for a maximum of one (1) minute in between Games in a Match. Deliberately giving or receiving advice to/from any other person during a Game or Match is not allowed and may result in penalties for both parties.


1.5. Cheating

Any cheating, as determined by the Tournament Organizers in their sole discretion, will result in an immediate forfeiture and additional penalties depending on the severity of the infraction.


1.6. Names, Logos, and Branding Restrictions

Tournament Organizers reserve the right to reject, in their sole discretion, names, logos, avatars or branding that violate the Code of Conduct, including without limitation, any that:

  • infringe upon the rights of any 3rd party rights without explicit written permission
  • Resemble or are identical to a brand or trademark
  • Resemble or are identical to another identity or person
  • Resemble or are identical to the name or persona of League Entities or other Players.


1.7. Dress Code

All Players must wear appropriate attire at the LAN Tournaments. Jerseys and all other attire worn at the Tournament are subject to the restrictions set forth in Section 1.6 above.


1.8. Sponsorships; Other Content

Players have the ability to acquire sponsorships. However, sponsors or content falling under the following categories may not be displayed during official Tournament play:

  • Brands in categories that have been granted exclusive sponsorship rights for the League or Tournament by Twitch or the Tournament Organizers
  • Religious programming, political matters
  • 900 numbers
  • X-rated material
  • Habit-forming drugs, drug related paraphernalia
  • Herbal remedies or “miracle cure” products
  • Tobacco products
  • Any adult-oriented products or services (including adult-oriented pay per view programs and male enhancement products)
  • Salacious products or services or other material which would generally be considered obscene or indecent
  • Content that a reasonable person would deem objectionable, indecent, vulgar or offensive
  • Content which promotes discrimination, hate, violence, the use of illegal substances, illegal activity, mail fraud, pyramid schemes, or investment opportunities or advice not permitted by applicable law
  • Content which is unlawful, pornographic, libelous, defamatory, or violates a third party’s privacy or publicity rights
  • Content which constitutes hate speech
  • Content which discriminates, ridicules, advocates against, harasses, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability
  • Any other activity that contravenes any applicable laws or regulations (including lotteries, illegal gambling products or other illegal wagering activity)


1.9. Penalties

Players who break the rules in this document are subject to penalties including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Match Restart
  • Loss of Game
  • Match Forfeiture
  • Removal from the tournament
  • Temporary Player Bans
  • Permanent Player Bans

Any penalties imposed on a Player may be made available to the public by Twitch and the Tournament Organizers in their sole discretion.


2.1. Match System

Players will be seeded based on XP. Should players have no XP they will be seeded at random to play against each other in ‘versus’ mode matches. The number of such matches will be decided by the Promoter in reasonably administering the Tournament.

The winner of each match will progress to the next round of the bracket. Once the bracket is complete, XP will be awarded based on final placement.


3.1. Double Elimination

The matches will be ‘best of’ three (3) games, until only one competitor remains.

Each player will play a minimum of two matches per tournament.

The winner of each tournament will be determined by the grand final match of the tournament bracket.


The grand final match is played between the winner of the losers bracket final and the winner of the winners bracket final. The Losers Bracket final winner will be required to beat the Winner Bracket final winner twice (two best of three matches) in order to win the match.


Should you have any questions about the Etiquette Guide, the Rules, the Tournament or player conduct please discuss with the Tournament administration team. Live Tournament support will be handled via the ACGL Discord server.