1. Players
1.1 Connection
Everyone is responsible to have a connection (ping) as good as possible for their team region and technical situation. Also, all downloads and other programs which are unnecessary for the match must be turned off. For abusing this rule, the team can be disqualified.

1.2 High Ping
The ping limit for an ACGL match is 250 ms. If a player is over this value please try to do a re-host first, before a protest is opened. Be sure a dedicated server was created. In the case the player has still a ping over 250 ms and it´s not possible to play the match without problems, an admin should be contacted.

1.3 Pausing the game
If a player pauses a game they must state the reason for the interruption and how long it will approximately take. The game can only be resumed by the player that paused the game after they asks their opponent if they are ready. The pause should not be longer than 10 minutes.

1.4 Spawnkilling / Spawnpeaking
Killing somebody instantly after spawning without any chance to react or moving away will be rated as spawnkilling and will be punished as glitching/bug using.
Killing somebody who already spawned, moved out of cover or is spawnrushed is considered spawnpeaking and will not be rated as glitching / bug using.


2. Team rules
2.1 Roster
Team rosters must consist of at least 5 players to participate in a tournament. All roster changes must be made prior to check in or the generation of the matches.

2.2 Substitute Players
No substitutes will be allowed during this tournament. 


3. Tournament rules
3.1 Side Selection
The higher seeded team (lower number in the bracket) will have the choice of side selection.

3.2 Hosting
The lower seeded team (higher number in the bracket) gets the host right. Teams are allowed to play a lag test before the start of the match. Both teams must agree to play on the connection before starting the match. If either team disagrees to play on the first host connection, a second host from either team may be suggested. 

If players still cannot agree to play on either host, teams must play on a server.



  • Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  • Server Type: Player Hosted > Dedicated Server * Please see rule 1.3.3 for more details 
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time of the Day: Day
  • HUD Settings: Pro League

Match Settings

  • Number of Rounds: 8
  • Attacker/Defender role swap: 1
  • Overtime: 3 Rounds
  • Overtime score difference: 2
  • Overtime role change: 1
  • Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
  • Attacker Unique Spawn: On
  • Damage handicap: 100
  • Friendly fire damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death Replay: Off


  • Plant duration: 7
  • Defuse duration: 7
  • Fuse time: 45
  • Defuse Carrier Selection: On
  • Preparation Phase Duration: 45
  • Action Phase Duration: 180


  • All Operators are allowed, as long as they are available to all players. If an operator is only available to Season Pass holders, it cannot be used.


  • Bank
  • Border
  • Chalet
  • Club House
  • Consulate
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
  • Coastline
  • Oregon
  • Skyscraper


Grace Period
Teams must have all Players (or be shorthanded by one player) present in order to start a game.  A Team will Forfeit the Match if they don’t have all Players present by 15 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period). Teams will be forced to start a Game at the end of a Grace Period

Teams may not delay the match for more than 5 minutes between each round/map. A round is defined as a stopping point during the match when match settings may be altered, and/or players may switch sides or change equipment.

Normal Boundaries
Players who move their Character outside of the normal boundaries of a Map may Forfeit the Game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a Map includes but is not limited to part of the Character’s body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, and moving into any area from which your Character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your Character.

Team changing in-game is not allowed. If a player joins the wrong team upon launch, the map will be restarted. If a player changes teams after the first kill, the offending team will forfeit the map.


Deliberate and repeated team-killing or committing suicide on purpose during any Kill-Dependent game mode will result in a forfeit of the map. If a team is accused of violating this rule, the accuser must provide valid video proof.

Games must be restarted if a Player disconnects in the first 30 seconds and before the first kill. If a Player disconnects after the first 30 seconds or after the first kill, the Game must continue and the Player may rejoin the Game.

If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of a game the match will be allowed to be remade by the team that disconnected. Should a player from that same team disconnect again, the match will have to continue until completion. Each team is allowed 1 remake based on the 30 seconds disconnection allowance.

The non hosting team must choose which side to play on for that map. The hosting team will take the remaining selection for that map.

No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the Match’s first Game has begun. If a Match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official results.


A "Kill Dependent Game Mode" is a game mode whose winner is decided by the overall number of kills, or points gained from kills. Because this mode relies on the number of players present, a team can never play shorthanded when playing this mode. A Team that loses a player during this game mode, after the first kill has occurred, forfeits that map.

A team can start a map shorthanded unless it is for a "Kill Dependent Game Mode" (see above). You can only be shorthanded by one player. This rule applies to all matches except for 1v1s.




The league administration has the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fair play.


All players are asked to behave in a humane way towards other competitors, and to any member of the administration team; treat others as you would like to be treated! If a player is found guilty of misconduct by an administrator, they may receive penalty on XP or even banned from certain events. Also, teams risk league kicks, bans and expulsions from ACGL affiliated competitions.

Insults and offensive behaviour

All insults that happen during an ACGL-Match or on the ACGL platform, may be punished. This includes ingame chat of the corresponding game, Discord Messages and Match-Chat. Insults that happen on external messengers are not taken into account.


  • Penalty Points & barrages are given for incidents within ACGL-Matches
  • Insults or inappropriate behaviour within Comments or other options for contacting a player, will result in a penalty with the severity being decided by Admin.

Severe incidents including, but not limited to the following points, may be punished in other ways:

  • Extremist statements
  • Threat of violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking
  • Severe insults
  • Pornographic linkings

The right to appeal is only with the injured.


The excessive posting of futile, annoying or offensive contributions within the ACGL is considered as spamming. Spamming on the website (forums, match comments, player comments, support- and protest pages, etc) will be penalized by Admin.

Matches, competitions, meetings

In all competitions there should be a fair playing field for all players.

Every encounter, whether a elimination, wager, round robin or other competition must be played according to the rules until it is complete and the result entered on the website, or at events the result sheet is completed. Any encounter that did not take place, should be deleted. Matches will be played only by admins to delete exceptions. Matches that did not take place will be considered fake matches and will be punished.

It is not allowed for participants to bet on matches in their own competition. Betting against yourself (in team leagues: against your own team) will get you (in team leagues: your team) disqualified and the betting player banned.

Game / client

In general, all programs which are not part of the original game, including custom-data and modifications, are not allowed in any ACGL game. All external voice programs are allowed (e.g. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Discord etc.). Scripts and changes to the game's configuration are not allowed, unless they are partly or completely allowed by the league specific rules. Programs that provide an advantage during game play (e.g. drivers that allow the removing of walls) are forbidden. Any programs that change the game itself are forbidden.

Game Coverage

The ACGL reserves exclusive right to the coverage of ACGL matches. This includes all forms of transmission, including IRC Bots, Shoutcast-streams, HLTV and TV Broadcasts. The ACGL can assign the coverage rights of a match or of several matches to a third party or to the actual players themselves.

In this case, terms and conditions would have to be arranged with the ACGL management before the match.

In general, the ACGL will contact any player or team if they wish to broadcast one of their matches. If no contact is made, individual players are allowed to arrange their own broadcasts. Should the game take place on a server that ACGL administrators have no direct access to, it must be made sure that enough slots are available for the according clients.

Internal Texts

All texts written in either protest or support requests, or written by the administrators to members of a certain league or tournament, cannot be published without the permission of the ACGL.


The official language of this national section is English. All players should be able to communicate in English.



When registering, each player must provide an up-to-date and correct email address and it is the player’s responsibility to keep this up-to-date. To play in a tournament, a method of contact must be available and visible to all users in your player profile.


Each player in the ACGL must only have one account. If a player cannot access his account and then creates a new one, then he/she must contact an ACGL Administrator either via the website or Discord explaining in detail the reason for not being able to access the account.

Nicknames, Team Names and URL Aliases

We reserve the right to edit Nicknames and/or URL aliases, if they fail to comply with the following requirements.

Nicknames/aliases are forbidden if they:

  • are protected by third-party rights and the user has no written permission
  • resemble or if they are identical to a brand or trademark, no matter whether it has been registered or not
  • resemble or if they are identical to a real person other than themselves
  • resemble or if they are identical to the names of ACGL employees
  • are nonsense

In addition to the above, any nicknames/team names/aliases that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is illegal. We reserve the right to extend, change, exchange or delete these rules if necessary.


A player's country must be set to their country of residence. Deliberately faking the country of residence is punishable.

If a player's country of residence is changed in order to join the league/tournament falsely in order to join a tournament, they will punished. If the player does so and plays in a team match, the team will get removed from the tournament/league.


A player's nationality must be set to their nationality that is proven by a current passport. Deliberately faking nationality is punishable.

Players in team

A player may only play for one team in a tournament or league.


A team's name does not have to be unique, but the ACGL reserves the right to refuse clans with the same or similar names as a well-known clan (e.g. If you named your team “Hard Core Gaming” or “Hard Kore Gaming” etc, that would not be allowed).

Names which are restricted by law will not be accepted and will be deleted and punished with penalty points if found. Also, names which go against all forms of etiquette and good manners will not be accepted.

If a team deletes its account because of a certain amount of active penalty points and registers a new account, the penalty points will be transferred to the new account if the team rejoins the same ladder. Furthermore 1 additional penalty will be added for the attempted deception.

The logo must represent the team and have some reference to the team's name or to the team's short handle. Copyrighted logos, or logos which go against etiquette and good manners will not be accepted.

Changing team names

A team can change its name at any time. This also applies when a team is restructured.

Changing a team's name in order to fool other teams is forbidden. Extremely long names, or consistent changing of team names is prohibited and can be punished with penalty points.

Team nationality

In general, during matches of ACGL national sections, at all times in-game a team must have more than 50% of its players that are residing in or have the nationality of the country or countries that the national section represents.

Exceptions, however, can be made. Please consult ‘Details’ for game specific information relating to the select title.


The ACGL administration reserves the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors or partners that are solely or widely known for pornographic, drug use or other adult/mature themes and products from partaking in ACGL events at any time.


The attempt to deceive admins or other players with wrong or fake statements, information or data will not be tolerated. Other unauthorized offences include but are not limited to the abusing of bugs in the website.

These penalties are at the discretion of the responsible admin and are penalized according to severity.

Distribution of cheats
Contributing to the distribution of cheats in any way is not allowed on ACGL. This includes but is not limited to referring to the name, website or logo of cheats anywhere on ACGL, such as player profiles, team profiles, forums, comments, etc.

Violating this rule will be punished from a warning up to exclusion from ACGL tournaments.

All forms of cheating in ACGL matches are forbidden and will be penalized by the Tournament Administrator.

Players found cheating outside of ACGL tournaments may be barraged on ACGL tournaments depending on the evidence available. Note, we do not accept publicly submitted video or screenshot evidence in these cases.

Should it become known to the ACGL administrators that any form of cheating was used to the advantage of a player or a team during an ACGL match, the ACGL reserves the right to punish them to the full extent of the rules available. By breaking any rule a player risks being barred or completely excluded from a specific league or from all leagues. This also includes their team.