01 Oct 9:09

It's official, the Injustice 2 Legendary Series Qualifiers have been completed after four gruelling weeks of competition. On Sunday, the 30th of September, the final four players from the very last qualifier went head to head for their shot to gain entry into the Legendary League. After some amazing comebacks, epic combos and impressive tech we saw some of the most exciting gameplay in the last qualifier. 

The Qualifiers (29 September) 

With only two spaces left in the Legendary League, the last qualifier was set to test the perseverance and dedication of the last war-torn fighters. Once the bracket was generated, it was clear that some had an easier road to the final four than others. The lower side of the bracket was clearly stacked as some of the best fighters in Sub-Saharan Africa were readying themselves for battle.

One of the more pressing games was that of the Winners Bracket Semi-Finals, where GEM ZAZA took on FTG PARASURAMA. Both of the players had proven that they had what it would take to play against some of the best Injustice 2 players on the continent, but only one would progress while the other falters to the losers bracket to try again. In a rather confident display GEM ZAZA proved his worth when he swept the floor with FTG PARASURAMA 2-0. 

On the other side of the bracket we had one of the fourth qualifier favourites, FTG Aryba Stacks, take on a relatively unknown player in PTR. In a closely fought battle, PTR managed to cause an upset as he narrowly defeated FTG Aryba Stacks 2-1. 

Our first match for the Sunday would be set, as GEM ZAZA would take on PTR in the Winners Bracket Final. In the losers bracket, however, the fight for survival was still taking place. FTG PARASURAMA and FTG Aryba Stacks were making quick work against their opposition, as they both came up victorious, meaning that they would make it through to our second game for the Sunday streamed finale. 

The Finals (30 September) 

On Sunday, we found ourselves with our Final Four: 

  • Winners Bracket Final: PTR Vs GEM ZaZa
  • Losers Bracket Semi Final: FTG PARASURAMA vs FTG Aryba Stacks 

If you don't want any spoilers, be sure to catch the video below: 


  • WB Final PTR (0) Vs (2) GEM ZaZa 
  • LB Semi Final: FTG PARASURAMA (2) Vs (1) FTG Aryba Stacks
  • LB Final: FTG PARASURAMA (2) Vs (0) PTR 
  • Final: FTG PARASURAMA (2) vs (1) GEM ZaZa
  • Bracket Reset: FTG PARASURAMA (2) vs (0) GEM ZaZa

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  • 1st - FTG PARASURAMA: R600 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League
  • 2nd - GEM ZaZa R400 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League 

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