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African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) is a South African eSports company specialising in online and LAN tournament administration, management and broadcasting. ACGL was established in 2015 by the company’s directors Nick Holden and Clinton O’Shea, whom have over 15 years of experience in operating both casual and competitive gaming events.


Nick Holden has operated online tournaments for a variety of titles under Xbox Reel, Clan Connection and MWEB Gamezone.
Clinton O’Shea owns Zombiegamer (website and gaming events) and runs TGN Racing Simulators in Cape Town and has set up and operated multiple gaming tournaments and events at a variety of venues and expos.

Both have worked together in association over the years and formalised ACGL  in 2015 to establish an eSports operator for South Africa - and ultimately Africa – that offers international quality eSports locally.


ACGL is prepared to run competitive gaming (eSports) events that strategically connect consumers with your marketplace. In the ever expanding world of eSports, we provide an opportunity for your business to grow awareness and advertising via specialized channels of interactive marketing.

ACGL Has been grinding for

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Below you will be able to find some of our ACGL staff that are contributing, each in their own way, to grow South African Gaming.

If you want to join the squad, contact us at [email protected]


Clint O'Shea


Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea has been pretending to be a zombie at Zombiegamer since 2009 where he has covered the goings-on of the South African gaming and eSports. Inevitably, his hunger for humans drove him to operate numerous gaming events and tournaments under the guise of Zombiegamer, as well as under - and in conjunction with - others.



Nick Holden

Twitter | YouTube | Facebook

Nick Holden, more commonly known as Holden ZA, has been involved with the organising of online and LAN tournaments for the past six years.

A brand ambassador for Astro Gaming and an avid shoutcaster for the Call of Duty console gaming community, Holden is responsible for keeping us updated on stream and making us feel short whenever we see him.





Event and LAN Team:
Dylan Rosser


An original ‘Certified Box Carrier’ (CBC) with Zombiegamer, Dylan ‘Bob Zombie’ Rosser is an utter beast on the floor. Able to setup an event floor like a magician and administrate multiple titles like, well, also a magician, he is an integral part of the event crew.

Our networking, IT support and administration all rolled into a hybrid of part man and part superhero.

If there is a problem, Bob will solve it.



Event and LAN Team:
Rob Klarenbeek


Rob – aka Rob Zombie (not to be confused with the singer and movie director) – is another of the Zombiegamer CBCs and the resident headset re-boxing expert. He is known to find early mornings and walkie talkies the bane of his existence.

A scholar of the Zombie Dredd School of Grumpiness and an alumni of the Bob Zombie University for Administration, Rob is now a well-unbalanced and well-oiled machine.


ACGL Astrid

Event and LAN Team:
Astrid Lochner


The third in the trinity of CBCs, Astrid ‘Zombie Monkey’ Lochner has been around since the very same day as Bob Zombie. Yes, they’re a couple which means they are a cohesive unit each with their own strengths.

In real life, Astrid appears to be a camera, but there is a creative real-life human behind it who is equally adept at packing boxes, taking photos, baking cupcakes and making sure the rest of the crew have eaten and had something to drink.





Graphic Designer: 
Marius du Toit 


Marius, also known as Hash, is a graphic designer that has been working in the local and international eSports community. One of his highest achievements was when he got invited to be a designer for the internationally renown MGO, Rise Nation, a team which is currently the third best in the Call of Duty Wolrd League.

We are looking forward to working with him under the banner of ACGL.


Alan Levit

Video Editor: 
Allan Levitt


Allan “Pariah” Levitt has been around for as long as the Bollywood version of YouTube (which some say he started) and has over 13 years experience in professional video editing, animating, & the occasional bit of graphic design.

He thus has incredibly high standards in all things video content related. He also has a very small lawn in front of his house that he prunes with shears and never lets any of those youngsters trample all over, which is a very weird fact about him that is totally unrelated to his 24 years of gaming I’m supposed to be telling you about. He loves every genre of game (@SargonDotA2 here: I’m sure he does), but has a fondness for DotA2 that we just won’t let him forget about. Actively enjoys watching esports and is desperate to get involved in the local scene. Welcome!

TL;DR Video guy who hates young people and is currently wondering how the heck you got here to read this in the first place….






XB1 Admin & Website Dev:
Mitch Stroebel


Well known amongst the Halo South Africa community. By day he works with various schools providing a form of teaching few have seen in South Africa, Game-Based Learning, where we throw out the textbooks and develop our mind and skills using video games. By night he raids the Xbox Live lobbies looking for noobs to fill up all of the Tournaments he hosts for ACGL.

Between teaching and t-bagging Mitch also runs Projekt Sixty6, a company which focuses on CMS web development and IT Consultancy.

Mitch has always been available when we need him most and is an asset to the team that we are glad to have aboard.



PS4 Admin:
Travis de Koning 


Defining himself as the social "competitive" player, Travis (aka EEzE) got drawn into everything Call of Duty, during the Modern Warfare 2 season, thanks to his late brother.

Travis has been playing the game ever since. His passion for the game lead the way to the creation of GoGamingZA, where Travis and Marc Funnell ran a number of successful online tournaments.

Travis has been the epitome of consistency in our online team and we are lucky to have him.



PS4 Admin:
Marc Funnel


Marc 'CatFish' Funnel has been a long time Call of Duty player ever since the release of World at War.

Marc began his online start with Black ops 2 and soon found his feet on the competitive scene with the introduction of Advanced Warfare. He joined T3M Gaming and played competitive through Black ops 3.

With his hunger/drive for more competitive action, he co-founded GogamingZA, alongside his duo partner Travis de Koning, where they ran several online Tournaments via the organisation.

Now his experience is being utilised at ACGL, where Marc has thrived in the online department.

PS: Apparently he is Batman.....


DR Cheese

PS4 Admin:
Arne van der Walt


Dr Cheese started playing Counter Strike 1.6 and DOTA at a few local Durban LANs in 2004. His attention was drawn to console gaming when he won a PlayStation 3 in 2008.

From that day forward, Dr Cheese went into beast mode, as he quickly found himself a fan of the Call of Duty MW3 campaign that got him instantly hooked into the franchise. He took his experience online when Black Ops II dropped and he hasn't looked back since. Just before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released, he founded T3M Gaming and started playing competitively. During that season his clan became more of a family. Despite not playing competitively anymore they are all still happily a part of that great gaming community that they know and love.

Dr Cheese also created a YouTube channel where he is wax-lyrical and records some of his more memorable gaming experiences - he also does some cheesy unboxings too. Ask anyone close to Arne and they will tell you, that he is the Cheesiest gamer around.



PC Admin:
Christopher House 


Chris “Sargon” House has been active in the local DotA2 eSports community since early 2016 and is most widely known for his coverage of South African DotA2 esports happenings on Zombiegamer. 

@SargonDotA2 (for some reason he has multiple pseudonyms) has considerable experience drawn from across the local eSports scene, from time spent as an: eSports player, sometime analyst, literary demagogue turned journalist, critical researcher, and LAN tournament administrator. With his noodly appendages touching almost everything and anything DotA2, @SargonDotA2 intends to truly advocate sustainable esports growth in South Africa. With his noodly appendages touching almost everything and anything DotA2, @SargonDotA2 intends to truly advocate sustainable eSports growth in South Africa. Can only play one hero according to Adam “Adastam” Moore, but as there is only one support hero in DotA2 (Witch Doctor am I?) you can’t really fault him here!

P.S. He is also known as the Batpanda. Shhhhh. Don’t tell him we told you.




General Tournament:
Jason Parry


Jason is a gamer and tech enthusiast who is currently studying towards a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Jason has been involved in both PC and console gaming since a young age and enjoys everything from Overwatch to League of Legends. He has also dabbled in the Call of Duty competitive scene and loves to spend his free time playing with his 'clan'. Jason has written articles about various aspects of gaming including news, reviews and eSports and is always eager to keep the gaming community informed.

Looking forward, Jason hopes to encourage the growth of eSports in South Africa by assisting ACGL with tournament hosting, article-writing and various technical needs.



PC Admin & Social Media:
Abigail Kwan 


Abigail “^Tenshimon^” Kwan started out in the early days of local RSA gaming at the major Cape Town LAN events; Organised Chaos and Carnage.

From those early days she has always had one foot in the door of local eSports, whether she knew it at those early LANs or not. In her later years, she was inspired by awesome Starcraft (and other Blizzard) cinematics to become a 3D artist, further tying her to the gaming community. She has been playing DotA for a very long time in a casual capacity, but in 2016 could routinely be spotted with the Phalanx tryhard stack. She helps the ApG DotA2 team with all things social media and is also known as the “BM Queen” of South Africa.

Her most notable achievements to date include being the second best Witch Doctor in the country (@SargonDotA2 here: She MIGHT have been on the DotABUFF Top 100 for Witch Doctor but who cares about that anyway) and being the only person to tame a Unicorn emoji.




Consulting Web Developer:
Yatin Badal


Yatin is our gentle giant who has been fiddling behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. A soft genius with his roots firmly in gaming, Yatin has moved away from the controller and onto the keyboard in order to create a home here at ACGL.


Want to join the ACGL team? Get in touch with us by using one of the links below OR email us at [email protected]

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